Iranian minister: Israeli strike would be suicide

Ahmad Vahidi says ‘Zionist regime’ is completely isolated and will suffer deadly strike if it attacks Islamic Republic
Dudi Cohen

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi sent a firm message to Israel on Sunday – bomb us and suffer a deadly strike.



“The Zionist regime is completely isolated and under no circumstances it can attack Iran unless she wants to commit a suicide,” Vahidi said. „It is due to the fact that it will receive deadly strikes from Iran which will make it unstable.”


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The statements were made in the backdrop of a wide-scale navy drill east of the Strait of Hormuz.

Monday marks the drill’s third day. Admiral Amir-Habibollah Sayari said last week that the exercise will span a 1,250-mile (2,000-kilometer) stretch of sea off the southern edge of the Arabian Peninsula and into the Gulf of Aden, near the entrance to the Red Sea.
גנרל איראני מציג בסוף השבוע את אתרי התרגיל הגדול

Vahidi points to locations of Navy drill


In a statement issued by Iran’s Defense Ministry, Vahidi also addressed the deployment of a NATO anti-missile radar station in Turkey. „It reflects on the enemy’s weakness,” he said. „If the Europeans really need such a system to fight Iran why have they done nothing about it while only the US acted and talked about it?”


Technological progress

Referring to the programs and plans of the Defense Ministry for upgrading Iran’s defense capabilities, he noted that the Islamic Republic without receiving any help from other countries is strongly paving the path of progress in a unique manner, IRNA reported.


“Iran is in a unique position in all areas, including manufacture of unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, as well as defense and assault airplanes. Iran has also made great progress in electronic warfare technology, aviation industries and missile technology,” Vahidi added.



He noted that the interception of a US drone is a great achievement for Iranian scientists.


“The US, by violating Iran’s airspace, not only breached international law, it also undermined the rights of Iran and Afghanistan which unfortunately faced silence of international bodies, especially the United Nations,” Vahidi added.