PM Netanyahu Refers to Iran and Events in Egypt

Izraeli PM Netanyahu Refers to Iran and Events in Egypt
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today (Thursday), 24.11.11, at his joint press conference with Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc, made the following remarks:
„The goal of Iran’s nuclear program had been the subject of controversy but it is no longer such. Iran is vigorously working to achieve a nuclear weapon. This is the threat against Israel, against the region and against the entire world. While it is very important that significant economic sanctions have been imposed, it is insufficient. Effective sanctions must continue to be imposed on its petrochemical industries and on the Iranian central bank as well, and soon.”
Prime Minister Netanyahu also referred to events in Egypt:
„Israel and Egypt have an interest in preserving peace and stability in the Middle East. This ensures the sea lanes, economic stability, quiet and many other things – for Egypt, for Israel and for other states. There are many interests in preserving and advancing the peace, and there are many elements that would like to disrupt it. Both sides are acting responsibly and seriously against terrorism and against those who violate the peace. This is a continuing interest both for Israel and any government that arises in Egypt.”