Lufthansa cancels 40 flights to Izrael

German airline to cut flights on Tel Aviv-Frankfurt, Tel Aviv-Munich routes during winter season due to significant drop in number of passengers

Germany’s flag carrier Lufthansa is canceling some 40 flights from Izraelto Europe due to the drop in the number of passengers during the winter season.

The company said it was cutting flights all over the world „due to a seasonal drop in demand”.

The airline will reduce some 30 flights on the Tel Aviv-Frankfurt route from December to February and 15 flights on the Tel Aviv-Munich route.

 Most of the flights will be canceled in the middle of the week or on Saturdays, when the number of passengers is expected to drop significantly. The company plans to stick to the Sunday and Thursday flights, which include high traffic of businesspeople.

Austrian Airlines plans to cut flights from Tel Aviv to Vienna during the winter as well.