Tel Aviv, a diplomat’s paradise

Cover article in US State Department magazine says the White City offers perfect mix of high quality of life, high-profile diplomacy

Itamar Eichner


Anew article in the US State Department’s in-house magazine describes Tel Aviv as a diplomat’s paradise, with its picturesque scenery, cultural offerings, welcoming atmosphere – and even the high-profile policy issues, Yedioth Ahronoth reports.



The cover article, published in the November issue of State Magazine, is written by a real-life US diplomat stationed in the White City – Jennifer McAndrew, the US Embassy’s vice consul.

„The more-than-50-year-old embassy building and six annexes present a challenge to the US government agencies present in Tel Aviv, but no one complains about the panoramic ocean views or the proximity to dozens of cafes serving delicious Mediterranean fare of hummus, olives and tahina,” she writes.
תל אביב מודרנית, מגוונת - ומאוד שונה מירושלים (צילום: גלעד קוולרצ'יק)

Tel Aviv: A modern metropolis. (Photo: Gilad Kavalerchik)


Some of the perks McAndrew mentions is the warm climate, which allows embassy employees to bike to work.


„Their picturesque route begins in the northern suburb of Herzeliya, where many embassy families live, winds southward along the coast and ends at the oceanfront chancery in the heart of Tel Aviv,” she says.


The envoy calls Tel Aviv „the Miami of the Middle East,” and notes that the modern metropolis couldn’t be more different from the ancient holy city of Jerusalem.


‘Israeli people trust us’

But being a foreign diplomat stationed in Israel is not all fun and games, and McAndrew does not forget to stress the fact that the embassy is at the epicenter of US engagement in the Middle East.

שגרירות ארה"ב בתל אביב, "משימה מתגמלת"  (צילום: מיכאל קרמר)

US Embassy in Tel Aviv (Photo: Michael Kremer)


She mentions some of the challenging tasks faced by US dignitaries, including the efforts to bring Israel and the Palestinians back to the negotiating table, cultivating ties with minorities, leading community outreach programs and maintaining the military cooperation between the US and the Jewish state.


„Tel Aviv is the single best combination of high-profile policy issues and high quality of life – there really is no better combination in the Foreign Service,” Deputy Chief of Mission Tom Goldberger is quoted as saying.

„Israel is one of the most pro-America places in the world,” Ambassador Dan Shapiro observes. „Israeli people trust us; they want to work with us. And that makes the experience of serving here deeply rewarding.”

But after the week’s work is done, the consular officers face a different kind of important decision: What to do on the weekend? Andrews chooses to mention city’s annual Layla Lavan (White Night) festival – an all-night party that draws thousands of people onto the streets for concerts, performances and art events.

But for the 200 Americans assigned to the embassy Tel Aviv, the possibilities are endless.