Dozens killed in Syria protests; activists urge NATO action

Scores of Syrians take to streets, urge international community to impose no-fly zone on nation. Security forces unleashed on protesters, at least 35 killed
Roee Nahmias


Syrian security forces killed at least 35 people on Friday as they pursued a crackdown on pro-democracy protesters after activists who urged the international community to impose a no-fly zone over Syria to protect civilians and soldiers deserting the army, a rights group said.



„We call on the international community to impose a no-fly zone so that the Syrian Free Army can function with greater freedom,” said the Syrian Revolution 2011 on its Facebook page.


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    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the fatalities were in the protest hubs of Hama, in the north, and Homs in the centre; and that security forces encircled mosques and made arrests before and after weekly Muslim prayers.


    מחאה בחומס נגד אסד (צילום: רויטרס)

    Protesters in Homs (Photos: Reuters)


    „Eight civilians were killed in various neighborhoods of Hama, 11 others in the city of Homs and one civilian was killed in Qusayr, in the region of Homs,” the Observatory said in a statement received by AFP in Nicosia.


    Hama and Homs are at the front line of the anti-regime protests that have rocked Syria since mid-March, since when the UN estimates more than 3,000 people, mostly civilians, have been killed in the bloody repression. 


    Damascus’ security forces have been carrying out operations in Qusayr for several weeks, amid fighting there between troops and suspected army deserters, activists said. 


    People in the northwestern town also marched „in support of besieged cities,” said the Britain-based watchdog, adding that security forces also opened „heavy fire” and arrested five people. 


    Urging NATO action


    That call was echoed in Homs, the focus of military raids in recent weeks, where demonstrators came out in „most of the city’s neighborhoods,” the Observatory said. 


    Meanwhile, activists said heavy gunfire and five explosions were heard in Qusayr, a restive town near the Lebanese border, where security forces sought to break up demonstrators streaming out of several mosques. 


    Clashes were also reported in Hama between suspected army defectors and members of the regular army and the security forces. 



    Troops also raided the northwestern town of Kafruma, arresting 13 people, including a woman and her 12-year-old son, the Observatory added.



    In Maaret al-Numan, also in Idlib, the funeral of a soldier who defected and was shot dead on Thursday by security forces turned into a rally demanding the fall of Assad’s regime, and demonstrators further east in Deir Ezzor also came under fire as they streamed out of mosques.


    AFP contributed to this report