PM Netanyahu Orders that Police Enforcement be Increased in Minorities Sectors

In continuation of Israel Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino’s remarks at the weekly Cabinet meeting today (Sunday), 23.10.11, on the high crime rate among Izraeli Arabs and minorities, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that, „There are not two countries. There is no state within a state. We live in one country – the State of Izrael is a Jewish and democratic state. I cry out against unequal enforcement both from a positive aspect, which requires the accessibility of police services, and from the aspect that requires more stringent enforcement. There is a sense among the public that the level of enforcement among these populations is much less. I am committed to changing this. I demand equal enforcement in all parts of the State of Izrael.”
Prime Minister Netanyahu instructed Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch to formulate – forthwith – a plan to equalize the level of enforcement among the various sectors. This is in addition to the budgets that have been allocated to education, infrastructures and health, and to the Government’s decision to allocate NIS 30 million to security at education institutions in the minorities sectors.
Prime Minister Netanyahu welcomed the data that were presented and which showed that the rate of reported crime in Israel is low, as well as the data that indicated a significant drop in the level of crime.
Prime Minister Netanyahu called on Israelis to report all crimes they encounter and said that, „We have a good police force that will know how to deal with each incident.”
Prime Minister Netanyahu referred to the need to boost enforcement regarding all types of crime, including property and tax crimes and noise offenses that disturb Israelis’ tranquility.
Prime Minister Netanyahu also instructed that enforcement be stepped up in order to significantly reduce the number of infiltrations across the southern border, until construction of the fence is completed. He also directed that the police presence be increased at places frequented by young people in order to – inter alia – prevent underage drinking. „This is a growing problem that causes terrible tragedies and cuts short young lives,” the Prime Minister said.