Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press

Haaretz writes: „Reports have emerged that Prime Minister Netanyahu will ask President Peres to represent Israel in the General Assembly in the vote on Palestinian statehood. The president should not agree to go. Israel should have supported the Palestinian move while conditioning it on renewed negotiations. After that didn’t happen, there’s no point in sending the president on a mission to persuade the world’s representatives to support Israel’s positions. Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations should present the government’s position on the establishment of a Palestinian state. It’s not the president’s job to represent the positions of the Israeli government.”


Yediot Aharonot believes that Israel has „agreements without security.” The author argues that „Israel paid in hard, irreversible currency when it transferred territories to the Arab side, and they paid is soft currency – words and agreements, which is now being claimed was done with regimes and not with ‘the people’.”
Today’s Yisrael Hayom author says, „For many in the Israeli public, my appearance at the rally for Gilad Shalit at Erez Crossing was a surprise, because we have become accustomed to identifying the struggle only with those who support a deal.” The author professes that, „Opposing a deal does not mean apathy to Gilad’s fate. The time has come that in the public debate other voices will be heard on the way to bring Gilad home. We must return to the conception that guided Israel for many years: No submission to the blackmail of terrorist organizations.”


The Jerusalem Post comments on the issue of bone-marrow donations: „Heartwarming as the unstinted grassroots response has been in every such drive [to save an individual life], the fly in this otherwise most excellent of ointments is the need to depend on the generosity of philanthropic nonprofit organizations.The likelihood of finding a donor in existing Israeli registries is calculated at 1 in 30,000. Significantly enlarging these registries is too heavy a financial burden for NGOs to shoulder. Last February, the Knesset finally approved legislation mandating the establishment of an integrated government-funded centralized registry. Thus far, however, the law notwithstanding, not an agora has been spent on this cause.”


Ma’ariv contends that „The memories of the new revolutionaries are short. Che Guevara was a cold blooded terrorist and, despite his reputation, was really not a fun guy. Che Guevara was a fanatic who saw everything in black and white, and came out against freedom of speech, freedom of worship, the press, unionizing and freedom of protest.”