Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press

Yediot Aharonot avers that perhaps „The problem [of Syrian President Bashar Assad] is that he lacks a sense of humor.” The author says that „Extensive explanations are unnecessary.  When the president sends ruffians to beat a cartoonist, he is on the way to defeat.  Just ask Al-Jazeera – they already finished off Gadhafi and are now taking aim at Syria, just like they took aim at Tunis, Egypt and Yemen.  They will report relentlessly until Assad loses the lost battle.” 

Ma’ariv argues that „What the Palestinians want is to receive Palestine in its entirety.  What the Palestinians do in order to take advantage of the situation is to exploit every stage that the Europeans give them – not in order to achieve a solution, but rather for propaganda.  At first they disguise themselves as someone who, with all their heart, wants to arrive to a solution, but every time a solution presents itself, they revert to their well known weapon: Creating a propaganda barrier.” 

Yisrael Hayom maintains that „It is worthwhile listening to Glenn Beck.  All things considered, Beck is saying what everyone knows – that the so-called peace has long since lost its significance and has transformed into a gateway for destroying Israel.”

The Jerusalem Post discusses the indictment issued by the UN’s Special Tribunal for Lebanon, which accuses four Hezbollah members of the murder of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri and 21 others six years ago, and states that “the indictment gives the Lebanese people the chance to revive the spirit of unity they found in 2005 that allowed them to throw off the Syrian occupation and to finally rise up against the shackles that Hezbollah has tried to place on their country.”

Haaretz comments on the agreement signed with the doctors in the public sector, and states that “Medicine is an important profession and doctors in public medicine should be supported. It appears that in view of the budgetary restraints, this agreement carries out this function well.