Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press

Yediot Aharonot claims that „The millions of Palestinians in the West Bank will not lift a finger against the State of Israel.  Why should they?  They will only open a ‘popular struggle’ against the IDF and the settlements, which are, according to them, in the territory of the Palestinian state, the one that 150 states recognized.”

Ma’ariv says that „While the public protest is being carried out in rare solidarity, it is paradoxically the journalists who are more split than ever and are refusing to accept diverse opinions.”

Yisrael Hayom’s author tells „Why the welfare state frightens me.  The ‘welfare state’ and the ‘socialist economy’ have become magic words.  But, in reality, they are what caused the crumbling of the European economy right before our very eyes.”

The Jerusalem Post addresses the import of anti-Jewish propaganda within Arab societies where anti-Semitism is publicly endorsed and flourishes unabated. The editor opines that “The [Arab-Israeli] conflict is not fundamentally territorial,” and states: “Until the region’s autocratic regimes surrounding Israel cease to see the Jews – and the liberal democratic society they have built – as an affront, until Arab hostility gives way to recognition and acceptance, the conflict and its tragedies will endure.”

Haaretz claims that PM Netanyahu’s comments that he has not promised to adopt the recommendations of Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg’s committee show that he does not seriously intend to implement socioeconomic change, and prove that “ the protest leaders were right to appoint their own panel of experts to propose a new distribution of the national pie.”