HEADLINES FROM THE HEBREW PRESS   HA’ARETZ 1. PERES MET SECRETLY WITH EREKAT AND DEMANDED: END BOYCOTT OF NETANYAHU. President joins American effort to set three-way summit with Abu Mazen and Obama at UN General Assembly in New York next week.   2. „THEY PROMISED ME THEY WOULD PROTECT YOU,” RONA RAMON EULOGIZES HER SON ASSAF.   3. IN TWO WEEKS: US STARTS TALKS WITH IRAN.  NETANYAHU: NOW IS THE TIME TO INTENSIFY SANCTIONS.   MA’ARIV 1. „THE HEAVENS ARE YOURS.” (…).  Rona Ramon, at her son’s grave.   YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Assaf and Ilan Ramon, side by side. TOGETHER. (…).   YISRAEL HAYOM 1. „DAD WILL WATCH OVER YOU.” Rona Ramon takes leave of her son Assaf at cemetery in Nahalal.  (…).   2. SENIOR AL-QAIDA TERRORIST ELIMINATED; RESPONSIBLE FOR MURDERS OF THREE ISRAELIS. Salah Nahban organized [November] 2002 Mombasa attack and tried to shoot down Arkia plane with anti-aircraft rocket.  Eliminated in Somalia yesterday in targeted US Army elimination.   WALLA! 1. Mitchell optimistic. „HOPING FOR A SUMMIT NEXT WEEK.” Two men discuss American demand to freeze construction in settlements, including in eastern Jerusalem.  Mitchell: „I hope we will reach understandings.”  Netanyahu: „Not at any price.”   2. STRUGGLE BETWEEN ISRAEL AND SYRIA MOVES TO FACEBOOK. After popular social network decides that Golan Heights are Israeli, Syrian surfers call for it to be boycotted.  (…).   NANA10 1. NETANYAHU TO MITCHELL: WE ARE EXTENDING OUR HAND IN THE SEARCH FOR PEACE. At start of PM’s meeting with special American envoy George Mitchell, Netanyahu expressed Israel’s readiness to jumpstart the diplomatic negotiations.  Mitchell, before meeting: I hope that current round of talks will see achievement of agreements on construction freeze in Judea and Samaria and in regard to tripartite meeting.   2. REPORT: PERES MET SECRETLY WITH EREKAT. Goal of meeting: To pressure Abu-Mazen to meet PM   3. SENIOR OFFICAL FROM HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANIZATION SUSPENDED DUE TO HIS FONDNESS FOR NAZIS Marc Garlasco, who participated in a number of investigations by his organization, Human Rights Watch, against Israel, was suspended after a pro-Israeli blogger discovered that aside from his human rights work, he openly cultivated a collection of Nazi memorabilia.   [Headlines for Walla! and Nana10 are from their websites as of 12:00] ______________________________   SUMMARY OF OP-EDS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS   Yediot Ahronot avers that, „We know that the socio-economic condition of the country’s poor was never really on our Prime Minister’s daily agenda.  Therefore, today we are suggesting that he prove the opposite, and to this end all that is necessary is one small step.  One simple telephone call is needed to the Finance Ministry clerk who continues to block the transfer of NIS 50 million, which was urgently approved 18 months ago, to allow the continued provision of food to hungry people.”   Ma’ariv marks the upcoming 65th anniversary of the institution of censorship in Israel, which began during the British Mandate, and argues that, „The logic behind the institution of censorship is simple: That it is possible to censor.”  The author contends that, „In an era in which ‘communications’ is not just what happens in the traditional media, we must reconsider the role of censorship.”   Yisrael Hayom offers that, „A decision on a partial [construction] freeze in Judea and Samaria is logical and allows Israel and the US to avoid confrontation.”