Yediot Ahronot suggests that violent terrorist incidents are on the upsurge and avers that, „It is clear where the chaos and the distress in the Palestinian Authority, and the increasing pressure being used by Israel, are leading.” The editors fear that, „Just as in the previous round, very little will be achieved and not many things will receive serious thought – except the fact that people on both sides will die.” Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, criticizes Public Security Minister Gideon Ezra for sharply attacking a senior Israel Police officer by name for alleged political bias, during the former’s testimony yesterday to the Knesset inquiry committee into the recent events at Amona. Hatzofeh criticizes Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz’s and Public Security Minister Gideon Ezra’s refusal to allow IDF and Israel Police officers to appear before the Knesset inquiry committee into the recent events at Amona.

HEADLINES FROM THE HEBREW PRESS HA’ARETZ 1. Ha’aretz poll: Kadima loses two more seats, Likud gains one. Kadima – 37 (-2), Labor – 19 (no change), Likud – 15 (+1). CONCERN IN KADIMA OVER WEAKENING IN POLLS. State Comptroller: Olmert’s deal to sell Jerusalem home – reasonable. 2. ABU MAZEN: MOST SECURITY SERVICES TO BE TRANSFERRED TO HAMAS. One killed and one wounded in two Samaria shooting attacks. HATZOFEH 1. One killed and one wounded in two Samaria shooting attacks – with pistols. TERRORISM RETURNS TO HIGHWAYS OF JUDEA AND SAMARIA. Eldad Abir, 48, from Migdalim, murdered in shooting attack yesterday afternoon at petrol station he managed near his home. Short time later, Netanya resident shot and severely wounded in Nabi Elias village, east of Alfei Menashe. 2. SLOWDOWN IN COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY IN PA SINCE HAMAS ELECTION VICTORY. 3. SENIOR ISLAMIC JIHAD COMMANDER KILLED IN GAZA STRIP; ISRAEL DENIES CONNECTION. 4. IMPRESSIVE LIKUD CENTRAL COMMITTEE VICTORY FOR NETANYAHU: MKS TO BE ELECTED IN PRIMARIES. 5. STORM ON FIRST DAY OF DISCUSSIONS BY AMONA EVENTS INQUIRY COMMITTEE. MA’ARIV 1. Ma’ariv-Teleseker poll last night: Likud up to 18 seats. THE GAMBLE THAT PAID OFF. Benjamin Netanyahu defeated Likud Central Committee last night. He annulled secret ballot and compelled Central Committee members to vote in favor of neutralizing their power. But many believe: Change is only temporary. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Counter-Terrorism Division: Hot warnings of terrorist attack in Arab country. WARNING TO ISRAELIS: SINAI AND JORDAN DANGEROUS. Global Jihad organization increasing efforts to attack Israeli targets. 2. THE CENTRAL COMMITTEE LOST. After Likud Central Committee agreed to give up power to choose MKs, Netanyahu told Yediot Ahronot: I will lead Likud for many years. His opponents: He is eliminating the party.