Hotel owners: Flight shortage costing us

Senior Israel Hotel Association official calls on government to convince additional U.S. airline companies to fly to Israel; says, ‘Israel has infrastructure for receiving two or three times the number of tourists that arrive Danny Sadeh Israel Hotel Association Deputy Chairman Raffi Ferber called on the government to work toward persuading U.S. airline companies to operate a transatlantic line in order to increase the number of flights available for tourists interested in traveling to Israel, Israel’s leading newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported. “Israel should turn to American Airlines and convince its executives to launch a U.S. – Israel line,” Ferber said. “Continental Airlines should be asked to increase the number of passenger seats on its flights. Today there is a shortage of 500,000 seats on the North America – Israel line.” According to Ferber, Israel is losing billons of dollars due to lack of tourism, which also results in low hotel occupancy levels. “Israel has the infrastructure for to receive two or three times the number of tourists that arrive, but in many cases there are simply not enough passenger seats (on flights),” he said. “A million more tourists equal USD 2 billion and 20,000 more jobs in the tourism industry.”