Inclusive Europe? Horizon 2020

Budapest, 17-19 November, 2005 In search of new concepts about cultural democracy. Exploring the interrelations of cultural diversity, multiculturality and equal chances to culture. European culture in 2020: confronting visions. Another step on the road towards intensifying the cultural component in the development and integration of Europe. At the international cultural conference „A Soul for Europe”, held in Berlin last November, State Secretary András Benedek announced the arrangement of a similar event the following November in Budapest. With the organisation of this meeting, the Hungarian Ministry of Cultural Heritage wants to maintain the momentum created by the Berlin conference, and kept alive at the Comédie Française in Paris, during the following European cultural conference in May. Inclusive Europe? Horizon 2020 will be another stage on the way towards firmly establishing the role of culture in the construction of the new Europe. By Europe, a concept and a vision is meant, that is, more than a 25-state organisation, and a 4000 thousand km2 continent. By its historical and geographical position, and by its rich culture, Budapest is well suited for such deliberations. Inclusive Europe? Horizon 2020 organised by the Hungarian Ministry of Cultural Heritage in cooperation with the European Forum for the Arts and Heritage (EFAH), will bring together ministers and other high administrators of European culture. At the same time, the conference will also incorporate the annual EFAH Conference and Assembly General Meeting. Inclusive Europe? The role of culture in reviving the European vision – message from Minister András Bozóki. BPI-info