HA’ARETZ 1. NORTH KOREA TO HALT NUCLEAR WEAPONS DEVELOPMENT. Israel hopes that announcement will increase pressure on Iran at IAEA conference in Vienna. 2. Ahead of Likud vote. SUSPICION OF VIOLATION OF POLITICAL PARTIES LAW AT SHARON FUNDRAISER IN NEW YORK. 3. October 2000 events – Ha’aretz check: How seven month examination was not exhausted. AUTOPSIES COULD LEAD TO INDICTMENTS. 4. BRITAIN APOLOGIZES TO DORON ALMOG. British Foreign Minister Straw expresses regret over arrest warrant issued for Maj.-Gen. Almog. HATZOFEH 1. Sharon returns from US and opens information campaign: I will not leave Likud. “SHARON BROKE LAW ON OVERSEAS CONTRIBUTIONS.” Last night: Channel 10 investigation showed suspicion of violation of political parties law in collection of contributions for Sharon campaign. PM hosted dinner for wealthy US Jews. Each couple was asked to contribute $10,000, $2,000 over legal limit. 2. SHOOTING FROM NORTHERN SAMARIA INTO ISRAELI TERRITORY – HOUSE DAMAGED. Palestinian forces in Gaza Strip received new jeeps from Holland – via Israel. 3. ISRAELI ARABS TO HOLD HUNGER STRIKE OPPOSITE PRIME MINISTER’S OFFICE. 4. INDICTMENT ISSUED AGAINST MAN WHO DROVE TERRORIST INVOLVED IN BE’ER SHEVA BUS STATION BOMBING. 5. ANCIENT JEWISH COMMUNITY DISCOVERED IN HEBRON HILLS. MA’ARIV 1. PM to his confidants: “Stop talking, you’re hurting me.” RIFT IN SHARON CAMP. Six days before Likud Central Committee meeting: Unprecedented exchange of accusations between PM’s people. Today: Sharon himself considering declaring – I will remain in the Likud. 2. CORRUPTION DINNER. Channel 10 investigation: PM attended event in New York at which funds over legal limit were collected. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Sharon declares: I am in the Likud – but his confidants are holding contacts on setting up new party. POLITICAL COURTSHIP. PM met with former ISA Director Avi Dichter during New York visit. His confidants have contacted Maj.-Gen. (res.) Doron Almog and Dan Meridor. Sharon’s Bureau: “He is staying in the Likud in order to win.” ____________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot refers to the recent Justice Ministry Police Investigations Dept. decision not to try any of the Israel Police officers involved in the killing of 13 Israeli Arabs during the October 2000 riots and complains that nothing has been done to implement any of the recommendations of the Or Commission, which inquired into the riots. The editors call on the Government to actively cooperate with Israeli Arab community leaders regarding the plans to boost development of the Galilee and the Negev following the disengagement. The paper warns that disturbances could yet break out again. Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, calls on Attorney-General Meni Mazuz to see to it the campaign finance laws are rigorously enforced on those who are contesting the Likud leadership. Hatzofeh discusses Iran’s nuclear development program. BPI-info