HA’ARETZ 1. AFTER FIVE YEARS: FILE ON OCTOBER EVENTS TO BE CLOSED. Justice Ministry Police Investigations Dept. will not try policemen over killing of 12 Israeli Arabs and Palestinians. 2. SHARON: MISTAKE TO ALLOW EXTREMISTS TO TAKE POWER. PM spoke to Jewish community leaders in New York. 3. Logical brains of Haredi women in Kiryat Sefer. THE HAREDI WOMEN OF KIRYAT SEFER – INDIAN HIGH-TECH CENTERS’ NEW COMPETITORS. HATZOFEH 1. Palestinian officer confirms: Considerable weaponry smuggled into Gaza Strip. HAMAS VICTORY MARCH. Yesterday: Hamas’s greatest show of strength in years held in Gaza Strip in order to strengthen organization ahead of elections. Terrorist organization leaders incited crowds and promised that liberation of rest of “occupied Palestine” is not far off. Palestinians claim that Egyptian border has been definitively closed. But anarchy continues and considerable equipment is being smuggled into Gaza Strip. 2. CASE CLOSED. Police Investigations Dept. decides to close all files on policemen suspected of killing civilians during October 2000 events. Explanation: Lack of cooperation by victims’ families. Arab MKs incite: “This is re-murder.” 3. NETANYAHU AND LANDAU: SHARON TO SET UP INDEPENDENT PARTY. 4. ISRAEL SHOCKS SPAIN AT EUROPEAN BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIPS. MA’ARIV 1. Ma’ariv-TNS/Teleseker poll last night: Likud Central Committee majority to oust Sharon. NETANYAHU LEADS BUT SHARON IS CLOSING. Week before Likud vote. Ma’ariv poll: 48% of Central Committee members to vote in favor of ousting PM. Only 42% support Sharon. Waverers to decide race. Sharon: “Likud is my home and I will win.” 2. THIRTEEN KILLED – 0 INDICTMENTS. Five years after October riots, Police Investigations Dept. determines: None of those involved in shooting Arab demonstrators to be tried. 3. POWER OF TZVIKA. Israeli national basketball team led by Tzvika Sharf advanced to European Basketball Championships second stage after major victory over Spain. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. NOT TO BE TRIED. Thirteen Israeli Arabs were killed in October 2000. Or Commission determined that several shooting incidents were carried out unlawfully. But Police Investigations Dept. closed files against all involved. 2. Last night: Yediot Ahronot/Mina Tzemach-Dahaf poll among Likud Central Committee members. 47% IN FAVOR OF EARLY PRIMARIES; 45% AGAINST. Week before Likud Central Committee meeting, battle for every vote. PM: “I have lost most of the party that I set up.” 3. TZVIKA POWER WINS AGAIN. Tzvika Sharf’s pupils shocked Spain last night 85-77 and advanced to European Basketball Championships second stage. Next rival: Strong Greek team. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot says that the Justice Ministry Police Investigations Dept. decision not to try any of the Israel Police officers involved in the killing of 13 Israeli Arabs during the October 2000 riots attests to, “an investigative failure,” and the department’s inability, “to properly investigate police actions.” The editors characterize the decision as, “another act which weakens the moderates and pours oil on the hotheads.” Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, commends the far-reaching recommendations of the Or Commission report on the events of October 2000 but notes that very little has been done to implement the recommendations. Yediot Ahronot, in its third editorial, asserts that Likud MK Benjamin Netanyahu is playing a weak card when he assails Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s recent UN speech as evidence that the latter has decided to leave the Likud and set up another political party. Hatzofeh dismisses Prime Minister Sharon’s remarks that Israel will not assist the Palestinian Authority elections if Hamas is allowed to participate as mere lip service ahead of the upcoming Likud Central Committee meeting. BPI-info