The Chief Rabbi of the IDF meets with Bereaving Families Living in Gaza

On Monday, the Chief Rabbi of the IDF met for the first time with five families living in the Gaza Strip, who are bereaved of family members who died while in service of the army. Joining him were Brigadier General Yisrael Weiss, Head of the Department for the Wounded – Colonel Dafna Harrari, and other IDF representatives. Yesterdays meetings were the first of an expected number of meetings intended to actualize the decision to transport the graves of the IDF fallen from their current location in Gush Katiff, to their new resting places. The meetings are also open channels of communication in order to provide all appropriate aid relevant to the relocation of the families to their new homes and their acclimatization to their new situations. The IDF supports bereaved families right through the year, and will increase its concern throughout the duration of the disengagement in order to make this trying time easier on those families. BPI-info