HA’ARETZ 1. ABU MAZEN: ISRAELI GOVERNMENT IS INCITING AGAINST ME. 2. NEW POPE: BENEDICT XVI, 78-YEAR-OLD CONSERVATIVE GERMAN CARDINAL. (.). In 1941, he was forced to join Hitler Youth, but was released to continue his studies. Has worked towards improving Christian-Jewish relations and has visited Israel several times. (.). 3. NATIONAL INSURANCE INSTITUTE: CUTS HAVE MADE ISRAEL POORER. 4. IDF RECOMMENDATION: ADMINISTRATIVE DETENTION FOR PROMINENT WEST BANK RABBI. HATZOFEH 1. Day after he declared that he would support postponing withdrawal until after Ninth of Av. SHARON CHANGES HIS MIND AGAIN: „UPROOTING WILL TAKE PLACE AS SCHEDULED.” Yesterday: Ministerial Committee on Disengagement Plan did not discuss Yonatan Basi’s request to postpone implementation of disengagement until after Ninth of Av. Agriculture Minister proposed postponing uprooting until after autumn holidays – Sharon opposed. 2. MOFAZ RECEIVED WITH CRIES OF „TRAITOR!” ON VISIT TO NEVEH DEKALIM. 3. IDF AND POLICE FIELD COMMANDERS WHO WILL WORK TOGETHER MEET FOR FIRST TIME. 4. GUSH KATIF RESIDENTS EXPANDING SYNAGOGUES. 5. RIGHT-WING TO FINANCIALLY COMPENSATE POLICEMEN WHO ARE DISMISSED OVER REFUSAL. 6. POPE BENEDICT XVI – GERMAN WHO SERVED IN HITLER YOUTH. 7. PINES-PAZ BANS VANUNU FROM LEAVING THE COUNTRY FOR ANOTHER YEAR. MA’ARIV 1. Elite ships and anti-terrorism unit will assist in disengagement. IDF TO POST SNIPERS NEAR EVACUATION ZONE. Special forces will not directly confront settlers but will be held in readiness for immediate action. Sniper: „We have received orders to aim at legs only.” 2. BENEDICT XVI. (.). YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Israel and Palestinians open talks on coordinating disengagement. SHARON: LOOTING WILL START THE MOMENT WE LEAVE GAZA. PM: We want coordination with Palestinians but aren’t sure that there is anyone to talk to. They will swoop on greenhouses. One will take a window, the other a door. Abu Mazen: We will not open fire during evacuation, we will act civilized. 2. WHITE SMOKE, BLACK PAST. New Pope, Joseph Ratzinger, 78, Benedict XVI, was in Hitler Youth. 3. NATIONAL INSURANCE REPORT: NETANYAHU HURTING THE POOR. Economic plan has helped the rich and worsened plight of weaker strata. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot likens the Disengagement Plan to a train and says that, „The truth is that only force majeure – such as a terrorist attack of an unprecedented magnitude – can stop the train, which has already left the station.” Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, urges the government to learn from other countries’ examples and establish a single, unified regulatory body for all radio and television broadcasts. Yediot Ahronot, in its third editorial, eulogizes the recent passing of former IDF Chief-of-Staff Tzvi Tzur and regrets that it drew scant media attention. Hatzofeh calls on a National Religious Party-affiliated workers organization to become far more active – both within and outside the Histadrut – in promoting social issues. BPI-info