HA’ARETZ 1. IDF PLAN: EVACUATION TO START WITH DUGIT, ELEI SINAI AND NISANIT; NEVEH DEKALIM TO BE EVACUATED IN SECOND WEEK. Abu Mazen: PA interested in coordinated withdrawal. Evacuation’s first three weeks, evacuation of Gaza Strip settlements: Week #1 – Evacuation of northern Gaza Strip settlements of Elei Sinai, Dugit and Nisanit. Netzarim to be evacuated either at same time or immediately afterward. Week #2 – Evacuation of northern Gush Katif settlements of Ganei Tal, Netzer Hazani, Katif, Tel Katifa, Shirat Yam and Kfar Yam (apparently, along with Neveh Dekalim) and evacuation of Kfar Darom. Week #3 – Evacuation of southern Gush Katif settlements of Gan Or, Bedollah, Pe’at Sadeh, Rafiah Yam, Morag, Gedid, Atzmona and Shlav; movement of part of forces to northern Samaria. 2. GUSH KATIF RABBI CONTINUES TO EXPECT „DIVINE INTERVENTION.” 3. PFLP PLANNED TO ASSASSINATE RABBI OVADIAH YOSEF. ISA arrested three organization activists, who managed to scout area near Shas spiritual leader’s home and to purchase weapons. 4. INVESTIGATION OF DEATH OF THREE YOUTHS IN RAFIAH: SOLDIERS SHOT TO KILL. 5. SINGER PHIL COLLINS TO APPEAR IN ISRAEL. Former Genesis drummer to hold single November concert at Bloomfield Stadium. HATZOFEH 1. Delivery boy observed house and volunteered to attack rabbi. TARGET: RABBI OVADIAH YOSEF. ISA foiled attempt by PFLP – organization that murdered Minister Zeevy – terrorists to assassinate Shas leader near his Jerusalem home. 2. Netanyahu warns against bringing Egyptian soldiers to Philadelphi corridor. SHARON PLANNING THE TRANSFER: „NO CIVIL WAR.” Security establishment holds evacuation exercise. Special ministerial committee to be responsible for finding housing solutions for evacuees; shortened work procedures – such as exemption from public tender – set. Housing Ministry to begin developing infrastructure for establishing temporary housing units and will locate hundreds of homes for rent. 3. JERUSALEM CHILDREN INVENT STORY ABOUT KIDNAPPING OF SOLDIER. 4. COUNTER-TERRORISM STAFF: DON’T VISIT SINAI. MA’ARIV 1. Dozens of families from Mevo Dotan and Hermesh want to leave. RESIDENTS OF ADDITIONAL SETTLEMENTS: EVACUATE US. Only two settlements are due to remain in northern Samaria after disengagement: Hermesh and Mevo Dotan. But in recent weeks, many residents have appealed to IDF: „Don’t leave us behind.” 2. SHARON: EVACUEES TO BE MOVED TO THREE POINTS. 3. NETANYAHU PROPOSES: EVACUEES TO RECEIVE PLOTS OF LAND AS WELL. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Disengagement Authority Director surprises: Postpone evacuation until after Ninth of Av. BASI TO SHARON: POSTPONE EVACUATION BY THREE WEEKS. Planned date for disengagement falls during three weeks of mourning [between 17th of Tammuz and 9th of Av] during which Jewish law prohibits moving one’s residence. Yonatan Basi proposes: Wait until August 15th. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot believes that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon went to the US last week on the assumption that the US administration accepted Israel’s tacit position that, „After the disengagement, Israel would be able to take a ‘time-out’ and enter a lengthy interim period until the discussions on the permanent settlement,” but avers that, „The Americans do not intend to put the Middle East on hold for two years; it is doubtful if they will even give us a break of a few months after the conclusion of disengagement in September.” The editors suggest that the US is more interested in Abu Mazen’s ability to control the Gaza Strip after disengagement and, „less in the complete dismantlement of the terrorist infrastructures as a condition to the continuation of the Roadmap,” and predicts that Israel will be faced with a series of US demands after the disengagement is completed. The paper believes that Prime Minister Sharon’s Bureau, „understands that we won’t be able to rest on our laurels the day after the disengagement,” because, „The Americans won’t let us.” Hatzofeh refers to OC Southern Command Maj.-Gen. Dan Harel’s recent remarks regarding a possible upsurge in terrorism – including the use of booby-trapped drone aircraft – from the Gaza Strip after disengagement and says that, „It is not clear why Maj.-Gen. Harel doesn’t resign given the miserable reality that he predicts will occur after the disengagement.” The editors assert that, „Masked by the lie of the apparent quiet, the various terrorist organizations are producing vast quantities of weapons of every kind and are upgrading their capabilities so as to include the construction of booby-trapped drones.” The paper avers that, „No sane and free country in the world would behave like Sharon and his government are now behaving. Terrorism leads to more terrorism and weakness leads to terrorism that is even more brutal.” BPI-info