HA’ARETZ 1. Sharon’s final test before disengagement. REFERENDUM LAW WILL FALL IN KNESSET – UNLESS RABBI YOSEF CHANGES HIS POSITION. Ariel Sharon: „Political elements tried to topple the government.” Rabbi Ovadia to meet this morning with Uzi Landau, who will try to persuade him to support referendum. Joseph Lapid answers critics: „If I wasn’t unequivocal, I wouldn’t be me.” 2. SHARON: WE HAVE MADE IT CLEAR THAT SETTLEMENT BLOCS WILL REMAIN IN OUR HANDS – EVEN IF US EXPRESSES RESERVATIONS. HATZOFEH 1. Today: Vote on referendum to be held in Knesset plenum. ASSESSMENT: SLIM CHANCE THAT SHAS WILL SUPPORT HOLDING REFERENDUM. MK Yishai tried to persuade Rabbi Ovadia to support referendum. Assessment that law will fail 67-39. After vote: Marathon budget discussions ahead of approval on Friday. 2. SHARON AGAINST NETANYAHU: THERE IS SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO BRING DOWN THE GOVERNMENT. Remarks made in response to affair regarding American stand on settlement blocs and Netanyahu’s reaction. 3. DID YOU DEMONSTRATE AGAINST SHARON AND THE UPROOTING PLAN? YOUR WAGES WILL BE DOCKED. 4. MARCH AGAINST UPROOTING HALTED AMIDST VIOLENCE. Police claimed that march being held by hundreds of women is illegal. Women refused to give in and will continue on to Samaria. 5. DESPITE EVERYTHING – FRENCH GOALIE TO ARRIVE FOR GAME IN ISRAEL. MA’ARIV 1. Today: Vote on referendum. Tomorrow: Vote on budget. KNESSET WILL DECIDE: NO REFERENDUM. This is common assessment in political establishment on eve of vote on Basic Law: Referendum. Rabbi Ovadia to decide this morning on how Shas will vote. 2. SHARON’S CONFIDANTS: „BIBI SHOULD WATCH HIS BACK.” 3. POLAND: WE WILL COMPENSATE DESCENDANTS OF HOLOCAUST VICTIMS. For first time, Eastern European country is proposing to compensate families of Jews whose property was expropriated during war. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Moment of truth: Fate of disengagement to be decided this afternoon. SHARON CERTAIN: REFERENDUM WILL BE FINALLY BURIED TODAY. Rabbi Ovadia to meet this morning with Likud rebels and will decide on how Shas will vote. Sharon’s Bureau estimates that Shas will vote against, there is no majority for referendum. Rebels not giving up: Efforts to raise majority at last moment. __________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Hatzofeh criticizes Shinui Chairman MK Joseph „Tommy” Lapid for doing exactly what he has accused the ultra-orthodox parties of doing, i.e. haggling over funding for pet projects in return for supporting the government. Yediot Ahronot says, “While the public appears surprisingly sane, the establishment which runs their lives looks like someone who has lost control and is in dire need of psychiatric help.” The editors foresee early elections. Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, comments on various aspects of the university students’ strike. Yediot Ahronot, in its third editorial, recalls that it was Bnei Sakhnin striker Omar Suan, who was recently the subject of racist jeers at a domestic league match against Betar Jerusalem, who scored the dramatic tying goal in last Saturday’s World Cup qualifier against Ireland. BPI-info