The transfer of Security responsibility over Tulkarm to the Palestinian Authority In meetings held in the past few days between IDF officers and representatives of the Palestinian Authority, in accordance with a directive by the political echelon, the agreement upon the transfer of the security responsibility over the city of Tulkarm and eight surrounding villages, to the Palestinian Authority was finalized. In addition, it was decided to open a road-gate located near the village of Anabta, east of Tulkarm, for Palestinians passing from Tulkarm to the villages east of Tulkarm, and vice versa. The IDF views the transfer of security responsibility as a coordinated and gradual process, which will take place on grounds of confidence-building measures. The success of the process depends on the commitment of the Palestinian security forces to a joint fight against terrorist activity. The IDF remains committed to the welfare and security of the citizens of the state of Israel at all times, and will continue to operate to fulfill this commitment. BPI-info