HA’ARETZ 1. SYRIA MOVING ITS FORCES TO BEKA VALLEY; US DEMANDING “IMMEDIATE AND COMPLETE WITHDRAWAL.” 2. PORAZ: WE WILL AGREE TO RETURN TO GOVERNMENT EVEN IF UNITED TORAH JUDAISM RECEIVES FUNDS. 3. Money-laundering affair. MONEY LAUNDERING INVESTIGATION LIKELY AT ADDITIONAL BANK; FORMER HAPOALIM MANAGING DIRECTOR YUNIS TO TESTIFY BEFORE POLICE. 4. STEP UP FOR IMMIGRATION POLICE: BONE EXAMS FOR DETAINEES. 5. CONCERN THAT ISRAELI-ARAB PLANNED TERROR ATTACK AT KNESSET. Allowed for publication: Galilee youth arrested on suspicion that he attempted to gain work in Knesset in order to perpetrate attack on compound. HATZOFEH 1. Allowed for publication: Israeli Arab from Galilee planned terrorist attack at Knesset. TARGET: KNESSET. 20-year-old western Galilee youth arrested approximately three weeks ago on suspicion of planning to be accepted as construction worker at Knesset and perpetrate terrorist attack there. Also suspected of planning to establish cell to abduct weapon from soldier and to perpetrate terrorist attack at northern army base. (…). 2. SHOOTING ATTACK NEAR TOMB OF PATRIARCHS: TWO BORDER POLICEMEN WOUNDED. 3. SYRIA TO WITHDRAW ITS FORCES TO LEBANESE BEKA VALLEY BY END OF MONTH. 4. EXPERT: ISRAEL LACKS CAPABILITY FOR SUSTAINED ACTION IN IRAN. 5. MOFAZ AND ABU MAZEN TO MEET THIS EVENING. 6. KNESSET APPROVES EUTHANASIA BILL ON FIRST READING. 7. YIGAL AMIR BARRED FROM BEING ALONE WITH HIS FIANCEE. MA’ARIV 1. Expose: Thus illegal settlement in territories was conducted. OUTPOSTS REPORT. Explosive material: Today — Sharon to receive Sasson report on illegal outposts. Picture of situation: In contravention of Government decisions, momentum of outpost construction continues. Among the conclusions: “Halt activity of Jewish Agency Settlement Unit.” The accusation: Housing Ministry allocated millions of shekels to illegal construction. 2. HALF SEPARATION. Just as Bashar promised, Syrian forces in Lebanon began pulling back to Beka Valley. US refuses to be impressed and claims: “We will not accept half-measures, this is not withdrawal.” YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Finance minister prepared to make significant concession on economic plan. NETANYAHU AGREES TO PAY HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS TO SHAS. Shas to agree to abstain in budget vote in exchange for NIS 500 million. Concerns: Netanyahu using us to win Shinui’s support. PM’s confidants: We will pay almost everything; for our part, Hamas could vote in favor. 2. ISRAELI ARAB PLANNED TO BOMB KNESSET. Learned bomb-making from Internet and tried to make them at home. 3. ISRAEL POSTPONED MISSILE TEST: CONCERN OVER AMERICAN SPYING. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Hatzofeh says, “We should not differentiate between the murderous attack that we witnessed about 10 days ago on Friday night in Tel Aviv and the planning of a large-scale terrorist attack in Hebron, which failed at the last minute.” The editors assert that Abu Mazen has neither the means nor the desire to fight the terrorists and aver that it is, “difficult to rely on his ‘promises.’” The paper argues that as long as terrorism is rampant, Israel should not consider transferring control of Palestinian cities to the Palestinian Authority. Yediot Ahronot comments on the status of women in Israel in light of International Women’s Day. BPI-info