HEADLINES FROM THE HEBREW PRESS HA’ARETZ 1. TODAY: CABINET TO APROVE EVACUATION OF 26 SETTLEMENTS FROM GAZA STRIP AND NORTHERN WEST BANK; NETANYAHU TO VOTE AGAINST. What will the Cabinet be approving: A) Evacuation of settlements from Gaza Strip and northern Samaria, according to “The Disengagement Plan.” B) Before any evacuation, the Cabinet will convene in order to consider “if circumstances could affect evacuation.” C) Approval of revised fence route, from Elkanah to Judean Desert. D) New route will include Gush Etzion and Maaleh Adumim, and will approach Green Line. 2. LEBANESE OPPOSITION DECLARES “INDEPENDENCE INTIFADA” AGAINST SYRIA. 3. RUSSIA PRESSED AND ISRAEL SUSPENDED SECURITY EXPORT TO GEORGIA. HATZOFEH 1. Jurists: Draft Cabinet decision contravenes Evacuation Compensation Law. TODAY: CABINET TO DISCUSS UPROOTING OF JEWS FROM GAZA STRIP. Netanyahu: “I will vote against because decision does not call for referendum.” Ministers Shalom and Livnat to support plan. Cabinet to approve revised separation fence route – without Ariel and without southern Hebron Hills. 2. CONCERN IN IDF: HEZBOLLAH SMUGGLING WEAPONS INTO JUDEA AND SAMARIA FROM EGYPT VIA NEGEV. Senior military source: Egyptians know but are not preventing smuggling along route used for criminal smuggling. 3. SHARON: READY FOR DEPLOYMENT OF EGYPTIAN FORCES ALL ALONG BORDER UNTIL EILAT. PM to Egyptian newspaper: Also ready for withdrawal from Philadelphia corridor if Egypt halts smuggling. 4. LAPID TO SHARON: WE CANNOT SUPPORT BUDGET OVER WHICH WE QUIT GOVERNMENT. 5. MORTAR FIRE IN GAZA STRIP CARRIED OUT BY FORCE 17 MEMBER. Shooter has not been arrested even though Palestinians know his identity. Outrage in IDF: PA services not acting to halt Kassam rocket production. 6. LEBANESE GOVERNMENT OPPOSES UN DECISION TO INVESTIGATE HARIRI’S MURDER. MA’ARIV 1. FIVE MONTHS FROM TODAY. Today: Cabinet to approve disengagement. Netanyahu to oppose, Livnat and Shalom to support. Yesha Council sources: “Disengagement – done deal.” Persian Gulf businessmen offered: We will build Club Med in Gush Katif. 2. WEIZMAN IN VERY SERIOUS CONDITION. Former President hospitalized in intensive care following severe pneumonia. Life in danger. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Historic decision: Cabinet convening in order to approve evacuation from Gaza. EVACUATION ORDERS ON THEIR WAY. This morning: Seventeen ministers to support evacuation, five – including Netanyahu – to oppose. Evacuation orders to be mailed to settlers this week. ______________________________ Yediot Ahronot comments that, “No Israeli government has considered evacuating settlements in the last twenty seven years; definitely not as part of a unilateral Israeli unilateral in which the Palestinians give nothing in return.” The editors speculate on how it is that the Likud Party, which they believe would normally have opposed such a step, is the one to be initiating it, and propose that, “The intifada, whether we admit it or not, brought the silent majority in Israel, and the majority of Likud voters, to understand that occupation is bad for Israel.” The paper adds that no unilateral step could have been taken until Israel had been victorious in the intifada. Hatzofeh says that there is a still a chance for democracy in Israel if certain ministers successfully stand up to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. BPI-info