HA’ARETZ 1. TODAY: SHARON TO PRESENT TO LIKUD KNESSET FACTION – DECEMBER DECISION TO EVACUATE COMMUNITIES. Attorney General Mazuz: Shelling civilians in Gaza in response to Kassams would be war crime. 2. TERRORIST ATTACKS IN GAZA STRIP DECLINE BY 50%. 3. LOCAL AUTHORITIES STRIKING AS OF TOMORROW: FOR FIRST TIME – STRIKE IN SPECIAL EDUCATION. 4. JOBS FOR UZI COHEN’S BROTHERS – ONE IS SENIOR HEALTH MINISTRY OFFICIAL, THE SECOND IS IN FOREIGN MINISTRY. 5. TODAY: MAZUZ TO DECIDE IF HANEGBI WILL BE INVESTIGATED. Assessment: State Comptroller’s report will require criminal investigation. 6. FOR FIRST TIME: STATE ALLOWS DRUZE TO LEAVE FOR SYRIA. 7. JEW SUSPECTED OF PARIS “ANTI-SEMITIC” ARSON. COMMUNITY CONCERN: NOBODY WILL BELIEVE US ANYMORE. HATZOFEH 1. Diplomatic-security Cabinet adopts Defense Minister’s position, according to which police will evacuate Gush Katif residents. CHIEF-OF-STAFF: “THIS IS AN ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE MISSION.” Cabinet ministers adopt decision, according to which, police will evacuate residents under IDF supervision. Hanegbi and Orlev opposed. Today: Sharon due to present disengagement plan schedule. 2. ATTEMPTS TO PREVENT LOCAL AUTHORITIES STRIKE. 3. FOREIGN MINISTER ON “PENTAGON MOLE” – “NONSENSE.” 4. END OF CONTROVERSY – FILM JENIN, JENIN ALLOWED TO BE SCREENED.

MA’ARIV 1. Cabinet approves: Police will evacuate settlers. POLICE: WE WILL NOT SUCCEED IN CARRYING OUT ALL MISSIONS. Commissioner: Without additional budget, there is concern that evacuation will harm other missions. “Almost impossible overstretching.” 2. TODAY: DECISION ON INVESTIGATION OF MINISTER HANEGBI. 3. GAL FRIDMAN AND THE GOLD MEDAL RETURN HOME. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Disengagement timetable: Mid-September – Cabinet to discuss evacuation law. Mid-October – Compensation law to be submitted to Cabinet. End of October – Compensation law to be submitted to Knesset. February 2005 – Cabinet decision and start of evacuation. EVACUATION IN FEBRUARY. Thus estimates Sharon. Today: Will present timetable to Likud Knesset faction. PM returned uneasy from vacation and shouted at ministers. Accused Livnat of “false patriotism” and said to Lapid: “You are invited to leave the Government.” Apologized to Livnat last night. Police Commissioner: Evacuation mission almost impossible. 2. Separate schools for blacks and whites. APARTHEID IN NETANYA. At one primary school, there are 120 “white” students and only two Ethiopians. In nearby school, 70% of students are Ethiopian. Municipality: This is what parents want. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, commends yesterday’s diplomatic-security Cabinet decision to reinstitute the concept that the disengagement will be implemented all at once and that the Israel Police will carry out the actual evacuation. The editors assert that, “From the moment that the ‘disengagement law’ is approved by the Knesset, residents who refuse to obey it and be evacuated will become ordinary lawbreakers that must be dealt with – as with all other civilian lawbreakers – by the police,” and add that, “The police, and not the army, is the arm by which the government enforces the laws that have been legislated by the Knesset, whether or not they are traffic laws or disengagement laws. Although the Public Security Minister may not like it, in a democracy, the army defends citizens and the police defend the law, and not vice-versa.” Hatzofeh refers to the Pentagon mole affair and suggests that, “Certain elements have exploited the affair for their own – including anti-Semitic – needs, in order to disseminate hatred against Jews and – to the extent possible – to also incite administration leaders in Washington against the Jewish state.” Yediot Ahronot discusses the socio-economic policies that US President George Bush is expected to tout at the Republican Party convention in New York City. BPI-info