HA’ARETZ 1. ISRAEL TRYING TO FOIL US-JORDANIAN MISSILE DEAL. Deal for sale of Amram air-to-air missiles in advanced stages; Israel appealed to Congress and administration in attempt to prevent its implementation. 2. ISRAELI DELEGATION TO ASSIST IN INVESTIGATION OF TERROR ATTACK ON EMBASSY IN UZBEKISTAN. 3. CONCERN IN PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY: ANARCHY SPREADING FROM GAZA TO WEST BANK. Twelve-year-old boy killed by IDF fire in Gaza Strip; more Israelis killed in terrorist attacks in territories than inside Green Line, in 2004.

4. UNDER-20 BASKETBALL TEAM IN EUROPEAN CUP FINAL. National team defeated Greece 88-82. 5. PRESSURE ON SHINUI TO SIT WITH HAREDIM. Sharon and Lapid to meet today; pressure on Shinui to agree to support of United Torah Judaism. 6. SECULAR PRE-ARMY ACADEMIES DISENGAGING FROM RELIGIOUS ACADEMIES: DON’T SUPPORT RIGHT-WING REFUSENIKS. HATZOFEH 1. Six months after series of harsh terrorist attacks, Uzbekistan was hit with triple terrorist attack. TASHKENT SHOOK THREE TIMES. Just before 15:30 last Friday, suicide bomber blew up at entrance to Israeli Embassy in Tashkent. At same time as attack on Israeli Embassy, terrorists also hit US Embassy in city, wounding two people, and office of prosecutor-general, wounding at least five. Three people killed, including two Uzbek security personnel, one of them Israeli Ambassador Zvi Cohen’s personal bodyguard. Severely wounded Uzbek policeman died over weekend. Two Islamic organizations claim credit, several suspects arrested as of now. Mossad personnel dispatched to site in order to aid investigation of event. 2. IDF RECEIVES “FREE HAND” FROM MOFAZ AGAINST ROCKET LAUNCHERS. DM’s announcement made after additional salvo at Sderot. 3. PERES: “EVACUATION OF SETTLEMENTS TO START IN NOVEMBER IF WE ENTER GOVERNMENT.” Opposition chairman further claimed that Sharon promised him that disengagement process would be accelerated. Peres met with Shinui chairman, who said that, “Government’s ‘enlightened character’ must be preserved.” MA’ARIV 1. DM: Expand operation in Beit Hanoun. IDF: GAZA OPERATION NOT HELPING AGAINST KASSAMS. Mofaz: Green light to expand operation in Gaza Strip. Senior IDF officers: Staying there increases terrorists’ motivation. 2. Explosion in Uzbekistan. SUICIDE TERRORIST AT ISRAELI EMBASSY. Three local security guards killed. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. TENS OF MILLIONS FOR REMEDIA BABIES. (…). 2. TOP ALERT AT EMBASSIES. In wake of terrorist attack at embassy in Uzbekistan, Yediot Ahronot correspondent Yaacov Levitam reports: ISA and Mossad active in Tashkent. 3. YOUTH TEAM IN EUROPEAN FINAL. Achievement for basketball’s future generation: To play against Slovenia in final this evening. 4. PALESTINIANS’ “ARSENAL”. Two tons of explosives, 5,000 Kalahnikovs and 330 RPG’s in Gaza. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot points out that no Israeli government has ever evacuated settlements from Judea, Samaria or Gaza but adds that, “Ariel Sharon’s present government is, therefore, the first in history to have taken an open decision on evacuating settlements and is likely to be the first in history that will implement this decision.” The editors believe that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is still struggling with his decision and that this is why he is taking his time in putting together a unity government. The paper urges Prime Minister Sharon to create a government which includes both the haredi parties and Shinui, in which the only condition to joining the government is that the haredi parties support the evacuation and its immediate implementation. Hatzofeh believes that the Likud was elected on the basis of its party platform that there would be no Palestinian state and that there would be no transfer of Jews. The editors argue that Prime Minister Sharon has become, “a dictator,” who, “spits in his party’s face.”