Woman killed, 31injured in Tel Aviv bombing

Attack hits bus stop on Shderot Har Zion Blvd in southern part of city. MDA evacuated casualties to three hospitals in region. Police: Bomb detonated just as bus left station. Al-Aqsa Brigades claim responsibility. An explosion rocked a bus stop in Tel Aviv this (Sunday) morning on Shderot Har Zion Blvd. One woman was killed in the terror attack, at least 31 people were injured, four of them are in moderate to serious condition and the rest lightly injured. MDA ambulances evacuated the injured to Ichilov Hospital, Wolfson Hospital and the medical center at Tel Ha’shomer. The Fatah’s al-Aqsa Brigades claimed responsibility for the attack.

According to Tel Aviv police chief Yossi Sedbon, “We believe that the bombing was a terror attack. There weren’t any specific alerts. The explosive device wasn’t large – it was planted on the floor between shrubs just as Dan bus number 26 left the station”. In a statement released by the al-Aqsa Brigades, the group said that the attack was a response to the killing of the group’s operatives, including its Nablus leader Naif Abu-Shrah. A senior group operative told , “The bomb was placed in the bus and not as the Israelis say. It is a quality attack that will force the Israeli defense establishment to face new challenges. Israel’s wall will not prevent our resistance fighters from reaching Tel Aviv”. Shlomi Ben-Abo, who witnessed the attack, told Army Radio, “I arrived 30 seconds after the explosion. Police vehicles came after a minute or two. I saw a soldier treating a woman who was in serious condition. I saw a pregnant woman injured. People were hysterical”. Driver of bus 26, Eyal Gazit, told NRG Maariv, “I heard a very powerful explosion and then a black smoke screen in front of my eyes. At first, I thought my tire blew up but when I looked back I noticed all windows had been shattered. I got everyone off the bus. Two needed help. I was also lightly injured and I feel pain in my head and my stomach”. According to Yarden Barhol, who was on the bus at the time of the blast, “I saw a pregnant woman land on the ground. There was a lot of blood and everyone started running”. Emergency phone numbers: Ichilov Hospital – 1255133 Immigrant Information Hotline – 12550810 Tel Hashomer – 1255131 Wolfson Hospital – 1255135 BPI-info