Date: Sun, 16 May 2004 13:54:36 +0200 HEADLINES FROM THE HEBREW PRESS HA’ARETZ 1. OVER 150,000 CALLED FOR WITHDRAWAL FROM GAZA; SHARON TO SUBMIT DISENGAGEMENT PLAN TO GOVERNMENT. Sharon to submit his original plan, with minor changes. Will work to receive support from senior Likud ministers. Right on demonstration: “Cynical manipulation of deaths of soldiers.” Palestinians: Disappointment over Abu-Ala-Powell meeting. Rice to demand that Abu Ala “act as a partner for negotiations.” Arafat in “Naqba” speech: Right of return is not negotiable. 2. DEMONSTRATORS UNCERTAIN: HOW TO STRENGTHEN SHARON WITHOUT WEAKENING THE LEFT. 3. TWO SOLDIERS KILLED IN SEARCH FOR BODY PARTS IN RAFIAH; SUPREME COURT FREEZES HOME DEMOLITIONS. UNRWA: IDF demolished 88 houses along Philadelphia corridor; IDF: Between 30 and 40 houses were destroyed that were found to be in the hands of armed men.

4. SUSPECTS ADMITTED TO STRANGLING SHAICHAT, NO MENTION IN AUTOPSY REPORT. Pathologist: Either the report does not match the new suspects’ statement, or the description of the condition of the body in the report is inaccurate. 5. PRISONER DEAL CLOSE TO DECISION. Jerusalem assesses that the Hezbollah and German team on discovering information on Arad has reached conclusions – now Nasrallah must decide how to act. HATZOFEH 1. Two Israeli soldiers killed on Friday in Rafiah. DEATH IN HUMANE CIRCUMSTANCES. The victims: Sergeant Alexei Chait, 20, from Be’er Sheva and Staff Sergeant Rotem Adam, 21, from Rishon Letzion. One of the soldiers helped an elderly Palestinian lady with bringing her shopping home – and was killed in planned ambush. Second soldier killed and two soldiers injured in attempt to save him. Searches for remains of soldiers’ bodies continued over Sabbath. Supreme Court bans home demolitions along Philadelphia corridor. 2. PALESTINIANS: WE WILL NOT GIVE UP ON RIGHT OF RETURN. 3. POWELL TO ABU ALA: ACCEPT SHARON’S DISENGAGEMENT PLAN. 4. IAF PLANES DESTROY STRUCTURE THAT SERVED AS A HEZBOLLAH AND IRANIAN BRANCH IN GAZA. MA’ARIV 1. CRY OF PAIN. More than 150,000 people, three times the number of Likud members who voted against disengagement, went yesterday to the square and called: “Get out of Gaza, start talking.” 2. PRICE OF HUMANITY. They secured the search for their friends’ bodies. When they tried to help an old lady – a Palestinian sniper killed them. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. DEMONSTRATION OF 150,000. According to police assessment. Demonstrators cried out: “Get out of Gaza.” Right- wingers also came to support disengagement and raised banners: “Arik, the nation is with you.” 2. KILLED WHILE SEARCHING FOR THEIR FRIENDS. Sergeant Alexei Chait and Staff Sergeant Rotem Adam were shot to death while they were securing the search for the bodies in Rafiah. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot suggests that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is satisfied with last night’s demonstration in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv because, “Aside from the fact that very many people are dissatisfied with the situation and would like it to be different, the message from the square is that the Left agrees with Sharon.” The editors add that, “In practice, most of those at the demonstration – by their presence – underscored a message opposite to that which they believe: They came to say that we have to talk, and the man who says that we must leave Gaza in order not to talk, emerged stronger.” The paper believes that the Israeli Left is hampered by the fact that while most Israelis may support disengagement from the Gaza Strip, they also believe that, “There is no partner,” on the Palestinian side for Israel to talk peace with. Hatzofeh declares that, “Without a doubt, the disengagement policy whetted Hamas’s and Islamic Jihad’s appetites, spurred them to continue making war in order to exert greater pressure on the citizens of Israel.” The editors assert that, “Better late than never, the Prime Minister must recognize that his policy has failed,” and aver that, “The Prime Minister would do well to decide on an almost 180-degree change of direction.” BPI