IDF forces discover car-bomb near Nablus

7.5.04 Vehicle loaded with 100 kg of explosives was intended for attack in Israel. Two terrorists killed in Tulkarm. As part of the continuing efforts to prevent terrorist attacks, the Israel Defense Forces discovered a car in an olive orchard near Kfar Salam in the Nablus area. They called sappers who inspected the vehicle, found that it contained 100 kg (220 pounds) of explosives and blew it up it in a controlled detonation. The IDF estimates that the car was intended for use in an attack on Israel. Meanwhile, during operations in the Nur-a-Shams refugee camp east of Tulkarm, the Egoz IDF unit killed two terrorists and arrested a third. The force surrounded a house where terrorists from the Islamic Jihad were hiding and called on them to surrender. The terrorists subsequently began to fire on the soldiers. In the ensuing exchange two terrorists were killed. A third surrendered and was arrested. After the incident three Kalashnikov rifles were found in the house. There were no injuries to IDF forces. In another operation in the Nablus market, IDF forces fired at a Palestinian, whom they claim was an armed terrorist and injured him. Palestinian sources say that he was an 18 year-old who was not involved in the shots fired on the soldiers and who was watching the incident from his roof. Four additional wanted men were arrested overnight in Judea and Samaria, two in Kfar Yatta, south of Hebron and two Tanzim members in the Ramallah area. BPI