Öngyilkos merényletet hiusítottak meg tegnap Nablus közelében

Yesterday At approximately 16:00 P.M, IDF soldiers at the Hawara checkpoint south of Nablus identified a Palestinian boy walking suspiciously while trying to pass the people standing in the line. The soldiers who identified the boy entered their stands, and warned all the Palestinians in the checkpoint, women and children among them, to stay back for fear of being hurt.

The boy, who noticed that the soldiers were tense got scared and raised his hands up.
The soldiers called him to take his shirt off and by that managed to see that the boy was wearing an explosive belt.
Several minutes afterwards sappers arrived at the checkpoint the boy began attempting to take the explosive belt off his body. The sappers, who saw that the boy had difficulties with taking off the explosive belt, provided him with scissors by an electronic robot, in order to assist him in cutting off the explosive belt.
The boy was taken for investigation.
During the investigation, the boy stated that his motives were the will to prove himself despite his unpopularity among others and the will to „earn” 72 virgins.
It is important to note that after the incident last week, in which an explosive belt was discovered inside a boy’s schoolbag at the same checkpoint, lessons were learned and orders were revised in order to improve the operation of the force in the area – which was illustrated today when soldiers succeeded in preventing a bombing and subsequently saved the lives of not only soldiers in the area, but also Palestinian men, women and children who were crossing through the checkpoint at the time. BPI