Two Israeli citizens, Ashraf Hassan, a resident of Kfar Yasif, and Khaled Sakhran, a resident of Tamra, members of the Raad wing of the Islamic Movement, and sharia students at the Islamic College in Umm al Fahm, are due to be indicted today (Wednesday), 24.3.04, in Haifa District Court, on charges of attempting to murder an Israeli soldier and steal his weapon.

Hassan and Sakhran were arrested at the beginning of this month by the ISA and Israel Police. They admitted to the following details:
They planned to travel to the Acre-Nahariya area in order to locate an Israeli soldier standing alone by the roadside. Hassan was to stab the soldier to death and steal his weapon, and then flee the scene with Sakhran.
Last month, they drove from Kfar Yasif towards Acre in order to carry out their plan; Hassan was armed with a commando knife. Upon reaching Acre, they searched for a suitable victim but were unsuccessful. They decided to continue on to Nahariya. En route to Nahariya they chanced upon a lone soldier but were unable to stop their car close enough to him due to the traffic; they decided to continue on. They entered Nahariya and continued to search. On a Nahariya street, they discerned a lone soldier and decided to murder him and steal his weapon; however, by the time they managed to make a u-turn and return to the scene, the soldier had left.
On another day last month, they traveled to Haifa to visit Sakhran’s mother. En route to Haifa, they spotted a group of soldiers by the roadside. Hassan proposed running them over but Sakhran refused;
Sakhran also refused Hassan’ s request that they ram an Israel Police vehicle. BPI