1.1.4 Removing the encirclement around the city of Jenin In the framework of the IDF’s efforts to ease the living conditions of the Palestinian population, not involved in terror, and following security assessments, the IDF has removed today the encirclement around the city of Jenin, allowing pedestrian and vehicle passage from the city of Jenin to other parts of the West Bank.

Following many alerts on terrorists intention to carry out attacks in Israel from the city, Jenin was encircled recently. With the removal of the encirclement, Jenin joins the cities of Tulkarm, Qalqilia, Ramallah, Bethlehem and Hebron, where there is free access in and out of the cities. In a meeting held prior to the removal of the encirclement between the region commander and his Palestinian counterpart, the region commander announced the intentions to remove the encirclement. Nevertheless the region commander stressed that the IDF will not accept the easements or the Palestinian populatiom to be taken advantage of. This meeting is one of many held frequently between brigade commanders in the West Bank with their Palestinian counterparts, in order to clarify the IDFs’ policy and intentions, aiming at allowing the Palestinian population to keep their lifestyle intact. The IDF will continue to lead a focused war on terror while at the same time do everything within its power to allow the Palestinian population not involved in terror to lead a normal life.