8,10,2003 HA’ARETZ 1. WAVE OF TEROR ATTACK WARNINGS: IDF PREPARING LIMITED CALL-UP OF RESERVES TO SECURE SEAM LINE OVER HOLIDAY. Information on five plots to send suicide bombers. IDF halts courses and transfers forces to territories. Dogs placed at roadblocks to detect explosives. Soldiers to perform body searches on Palestinians. Full closure on territories, tight closure on West Bank cities. Palestinian farmers stopped from crossing separation fence.

2. CHIEF-OF-STAFF DOES NOT EXPECT ESCALATION IN NORTH. 3. PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY CABINET SWORN IN. Interior and Health Ministers did not arrive due to disagreements with Arafat. 4. ARAD FAMILY: ISRAEL RECEIVED SIGN OF LIFE FROM RON “IN LAST FEW YEARS.” 5. HISTADRUT THREATENING: WE WILL DELAY TAKE-OFFS OVER SUKKOT. Netanyahu to submit legislation to Knesset to change three ports to government companies tomorrow. HATZOFEH 1. Bush: Israeli attack on Syria vital for self-defense. ISRAELI EFFORTS TO EASE TENSIONS IN NORTH. Yaalon, during tour of north: Attack on Syria – sign to Assad to stop encouraging terror from his territory. Assad: Israel trying to scare Syria. Mofaz: Terror HQs in Syria have same fate as terror HQs in Gaza and Ramallah. 2. CLOSURE ON JUDEA AND SAMARIA TIGHTENED – MOFAZ APPROVES CALL-UP OF RESERVISTS. Following increase in number of terror attack warnings – IDF stops training courses and transfers soldiers to guard duty in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. 3. FOR FIRST TIME SINCE OSLO ACCORDS: COMPLETE CLOSURE AROUND RAFIAH DEEP INSIDE PALESTINIAN TERRITORY IN GAZA. In order to prevent transfer of weapons, Rafiah has been cut off from rest of Gaza Strip since beginning of week. 4. TERRORISTS INFILTRATED FENCE AND HID HIGH EXPLOSIVE BOMB IN ISRAELI TERRITORY. IDF forces found 100kg bomb that was to have been detonated by trip wire. 5. SENIOR AIR FORCE OFFICER TO REFUSNIKS: YOUR ACTION BORDERS ON BETRAYAL. Brigadier-General (res.) Yisrael Baharav, who was awarded a medal in Yom Kippur war for bringing down 12 MIG 21 planes, still serves as pilot trainer. 6. ARAD FAMILY: SIGNS OF LIFE FROM RON IN RECENT YEARS. 7. BIG STRIKE IN ITS THIRD DAY – NO CONTACTS BETWEEN TREASURY AND HISTADRUT. MA’ARIV 1. Special: New Palestinian PM in interview with Ma’ariv: “GIVE US A CHANCE.” Abu-Ala: “I am prepared to enter into immediate negotiations with Israel and believe that I can work with Sharon.” Mofaz orders high alert level. IDF: No rise in number of terror attack warnings. 2. Arad family accuses: “THE STATE KNEW WHERE RON WAS BEING HELD IN RECENT YEARS.” Brother of imprisoned navigator: “If the security establishment would deal with this issue, Ron would have been home long ago.” 3. TOMORROW: KNESSET AGAINST THE PORTS. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. “PRAY FOR HIM” (…). 2. Yediot Ahronot survey: 71%: IDF operation in Syria will not reduce terror. IDF PREPARING FOR LIMITED CALL-UP OF RESERVES. High alert: Regular forces to be concentrated in north and in territories; preparing to call up reservists – at later stage. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot wonders what is behind the reports that the security establishment is considering a limited call-up of IDF reserves “for operational activity in the territories,” and suggests that, “What is clear is that the security establishment is finding it difficult to find ways out of the impasse.” The editors suggest that the government has no clear idea of what to do despite its strong support among the public and in the Knesset. Hatzofeh says that the recent Air Force attack on a terrorist training camp deep inside Syria humiliated Syrian President Bashar Assad because it showed to the Syrian public and the Arab world that Israeli jets can fly at will in Syrian airspace without fear of being intercepted or fired upon. However the editors doubt whether the attack will achieve anything tangible except to prod Assad into bolstering Syria’s aerial defenses.BPI.