Right opposed to release of prisoners “with blood on their hands.” Rubinstein orders: Publicize list of those to be released in advance. Abu Mazen meets Hamas leader Yassin in his Gaza home. Mofaz and Dahlan to meet today; Sharon and Abu Mazen on Wednesday. Envoy Wolf returns to area after talks in Washington. 2. POSITIVE SIGNS FROM EUROPE: MESSAGES ON NEED FOR THAW IN RELATIONS WITH ISRAEL. 3. HAREDI DEMONSTRATIONS ON BAR ILAN STREET EXPAND. HATZOFEH 1. Today: Mofaz and Dahlan to discuss transfer of authority in Hebron and Ramallah. GESTURE TO ABU MAZEN: HUNDREDS OF PALESTINIAN TERRORISTS TO BE RELEASED SOON. Attorney General demands publication of prisoners’ names so that victims’ families can appeal to High Court of Justice. Heads of Palestinian terrorist organizations’ “popular committees” refuse to accept ceasefire. Shooting and mortar fire from Gaza Strip continues over weekend. Demonstrations in Gaza over arrest of those who launched Kassam rockets at Israel. Egyptian security delegation arriving for meetings with senior terrorists. IDF arrests seven terrorists in Judea and Samaria. 2. HISTORY: ISRAELI IN WIMBLEDON FINALS. 3. SEVEN HAREDIM ARRESTED IN BAR ILAN STREET DISTURBANCES. MA’ARIV 1. PALESTINIANS REQUESTED: STRAIGHT TO PERMANENT SETTLEMENT. Abu Mazen: Must shorten timetables and skip interim agreement. Israel: We will release prisoners, but not from Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Condoleeza Rice: Israel must show restraint even if there are casualties. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Buying more, flying more. Increasing demand for workers and flats. SIGNS OF ECONOMIC RECOVERY. Former Bank of Israel Governor Jacob Frenkel: There are signs of recovery, but euphoria is premature. 2. OUR MAN IN WIMBLEDON FINALS. _____________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot believes that, “The education system in Israel suffers from a more basic disease: It expresses social values centered on comfort, accommodation and apathy,” and adds that, “This is a system that does not push the student towards achievement.” The editors complain that discipline is utterly lacking and suggest that, “In the end, education’s achievements and failures reflect the society in which the educational process takes place.” Hatzofeh says that, “The Chief-of-Staff’s declaration that we won the intifada…cannot change the truth – the State of Israel has been beaten,” and asserts that, “The political leadership, led by the Prime Minister, bears the blame for the defeat.” The editors accuse Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of wilting under pressure and capitulating to American and Palestinian demands and believe that, “In contrast to the Israeli government, the Palestinian leadership has shown the ability to withstand much more severe pressure than was applied to Israel, and has remained steadfast in its positions.” The paper claims, however, that it is not too late for Israel to reverse the situation.