Paris – March 22, 2003 – Four young Jews were attacked by about 30 people during an anti-war demonstration in Paris. The attack occurred in front of a Jewish youth center after one of the victims was spotted wearing a kippah. According to witnesses, the attackers, who had their faces concealed behind North African scarves, shouted antisemitic obscenities as they pummeled the four. French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy called the attack „scandalous and shameful”.

Berlin – March 23, 2003 – An American Orthodox Jew was assaulted on a busy Berlin street in front of stunned onlookers. Nobody intervened or came to the assistance of the victim who was a tourist sightseeing when he was accosted and struck in the face by a group of four youths described as Middle Eastern in appearance. German Interior Minister Otto Schily warned of new potential leftwing terrorism or neo-Nazi violence against American and Israeli targets in Germany. Sydney – March 21, 2003 – „Kill the Jews” was written on a Sydney wall. Sydney – March 21, 2003 – Arsonists attacked a Sydney synagogue situated close to the city’s Arab communities. Sydney – March 22, 2003 – The Jewish Museum in Melbourne was vandalized. Glass doors and panels were smashed. Sydney – March 23, 2003 – Antisemitic graffiti was painted at the entrance to a university in Sydney.