Weekend of rockets over Israel 5 My 2019

Weekend of rockets over Israel 5 My 2019

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5 May 2019

Weekend of rockets over Israel

Since its violent takeover of the Gaza Strip in 2007, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad have carried out hundreds of horrific suicide bombings, shootings, stabbings and ramming attacks that have killed and maimed thousands of Israelis.


MDA paramedics providing emergency assistance to civilians wounded in the attack in Ashkelon
prior to transportation to hospital. Photo: Magen David Adom

This past weekend, Israelis living in the south of the country woke up to yet another barrage of rockets from Gaza. Between Saturday May 4 and Sunday May 5, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas terrorist groups launched over 600 rockets and mortars at Israelis from Gaza (as of May 5th at 6 pm).

Four Israeli civilians have been killed in the barrages. One of the casualties, Moshe Agadi, a father of four and resident of Ashkelon, was killed in an attack early Sunday morning while standing outside of his home. In addition to the three other casualties, dozens have been wounded and the lives of many more have been shattered.

The terrorists deliberately aimed their rocket attacks at civilian centers and have struck Israeli roads, homes, a factory, and even a kindergarten and a hospital in the city of Ashkelon. Schools were shut throughout the south as children continued to run for shelter amid explosions.

Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip with an iron fist, is committing a double crime against humanity. It is indiscriminately attacking Israeli civilians while hiding and operating from within Gaza’s population – thus using Gazans as human shields.

A Hamas strike against Israel is in effect a strike against Gaza. The fact that Hamas routinely stores weapons and fires from within civilian neighborhoods illustrates Hamas’ utter disregard for human life and its willingness – indeed, intention – to endanger Gazans. An example of this policy occurred today, when a Hamas rocket, aimed at Israel, misfired and fell in the Gaza Strip, tragically killed a Gazan woman and her child, Falasteen Abu Arar and Saba Mahmoud.

Hamas is the culprit responsible for this recent round of escalation, triggered when a Palestinian sniper shot and wounded two Israeli soldiers at the Gaza border during a Hamas-organized riot on Friday. When the terror organization called for thousands of Gazans to riot near the fence with Israel, it was planning for events to turn violent.

Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, both internationally designated terrorist organizations, have a long, bloody history of deliberately targeting Israeli civilians. In the past, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas carried out hundreds of horrific suicide bombings, shootings, stabbings and ramming attacks, killing and maiming thousands of people in Israel. Both terror organizations are backed by Iran and have openly called for the murder of Israelis, declaring their intention to destroy Israel and establish an Islamic caliphate in its stead.

Since its violent takeover of the Gaza Strip from the Palestinian Authority in 2007, Hamas has launched upwards of 12,000 rockets and mortars into Israel. For years, Hamas has been building up its military capacities, using funds intended for Gaza’s civilians and extorting the local economy to increase its weapons stockpiles and build cross-border attack tunnels.

Israel seeks a peaceful border with the Gaza Strip, yet so long as Hamas continues to fan the flames of conflict rather than serving its own people, violence will override peace.

Israel will soon be celebrating its 71st Independence Day. For nearly three quarters of century, the State of Israel has been forced to contend with one threat after another. Despite the ongoing threats, Israel has prospered; not only has it grown from a poor to a developed nation in the span of a few short decades, it has become a global powerhouse of innovation. It has also continuously sought peace, indeed achieving peace with its neighbors Egypt and Jordan. Israel yearns for the day in which peace will be established with its Palestinian neighbors as well.