WJC News Update – Former skinhead elected deputy speaker of Hungary’s legislature

WJC News Update – Former skinhead elected deputy speaker of Hungary’s legislature


News updates from the World Jewish Congress website – 07 May 2014

Former skinhead elected deputy speaker of Hungary’s legislature

A member of the extreme-right Jobbik party was chosen as a deputy speaker of the recently elected Hungarian National Assembly.

Peres: Netanyahu torpedoed peace deal with Palestinians in 2011 – Times of Israel

07 May 2014 Israel’s President Shimon Peres said on Tuesday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had torpedoed a peace deal reached covertly in 2011 with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.  READ MORE »

Former police officer suspected on spraying anti-Semitic graffiti in Brooklyn

07 May 2014 A former New York City police officer has been arrested on charges that he spray-painted anti-Semitic profanities on cars and buildings in a mostly Jewish neighborhood of Brooklyn. READ MORE »

Former London mayor: ‘Richer’ Jews vote Conservative – Jewish Chronicle

07 May 2014 The British Labor Party politician Ken Livingstone repeated his claim that Jewish voters support the Conservative Party because they are wealthier than in the past. READ MORE »

Fashion brand’s logo likened to Nazi eagle symbol – Daily Telegraph

07 May 2014 A London fashion house has been asked to change its logo by shoppers who think it looks like the Nazi eagle symbol. READ MORE »

Chasing death camp Guards with new tools – New York Times

07 May 2014 After years of relative inaction, German prosecutors have opened dozens of fresh investigations of men and women suspected of having served as Nazi death camp guards. READ MORE »

Heir of controversial Nazi-era art dealer Gurlitt passes away at 81

06 May 2014 Cornelius Gurlitt, a reclusive German collector whose long-secret hoard of well over 1,000 artworks triggered an international uproar over the fate of art looted by the Nazis, has died. READ MORE »