Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press

Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press
Yediot Aharonot discusses the 5th Ramle Conference that will
                                take place Sunday and which will address the migration policy of the State of Israel, in light of recent illegal African migration.  The author argues that „The only way for vision-deficient politicians to hold on to power is by convincing us that their job is to protect us from dangers; dangers that are not even known to us and which we cannot even see.”

Ma’ariv maintains that „Criticism of Israel is a very legitimate thing.  That being said, what Gunter Grass published last week was not legitimate criticism.  It was distorted lies: Accusing Israel of wanting to destroy Iran is the total opposite of the facts on the ground.  The saga of Grass’ poem is not over – every day it accumulates more support on the social networks.” The author argues that „The problem is that our national logic works a little differently.  We are no longer relating to Gunter Grass’ lies, because it is a lot more fun to lambast [Interior Minister] Eli Yishai for his sharp reactions to Grass’ words.  It would seem that we prefer to hate Eli Yishai than to criticize Gunter Grass.  It is possible to continue nitpicking over nonsense, but it is irrelevant what you think about your government’s policies – if you are Israeli citizens, these deceitful messages are worsening you! r   situation.”

Yisrael Hayom suggests that „The chances for a satisfactory and inclusive agreement on the nuclear issue are not high.  Failure in the talks will bring the sides closer to the moment of truth.  Iran will have to decide whether to continue dealing with sanctions, which will intensify in July, when additional petroleum sanctions take effect.  And the United States and Israel will have to decide whether to continue waiting for the sanctions to have an impact or to turn to a military operation for which the clock is running short.”

The Jerusalem Post discusses modern European anti-Semitism, and compares the Aharon Alexander Gorshonov incident after 2nd Passover Seder in Kiev to that of the recent Toulouse homicides. Declaring that the common denominator of Europe’s Muslim fanatics and neo-fascists is their animus toward Jews, the editor points out the risk of frequenting Jewish sites and adds: “Special protection appears of the essence for Jewish houses of worship and educational institutions.”

Haaretz declares: “Israel should greet pro-Palestinian activists with flowers,” and states that “A country that respects human rights in the territories under its control, including the right to nonviolent protest against foreign occupation, must invite peace activists to visit anywhere.”

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