Israel 4th in Mideast standard of living

Yedioth Ahronoth inquiry based on international organizations’ figures reveals Jewish state has GDP per capita of some $30,000– 10 times higher than Palestinian Authority 
Gad Lior

Israelranks fourth compared to 30 Arab countries in its standard of living and gross domestic product per capita, and is preceded by only Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, according to a Yedioth Ahronoth inquiry.

The inquiry was based on figures compiled by international economic organizations, like the IMF and OECD, and the CIA and Economist.


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According to the data, at the end of 2011 Israel preceded nearly all Arab countries, and by a huge gap. Most figures fail to include the drop in GDP in countries which recently experiences a popular uprising or change of government (Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Libya).

Qatar, which has a population of only one million people, has the highest GDP in the world: $177,591 per capita. Second and third in the world are Lichtenstein (35,000 residents and a GDP per capita of $142,695) and Luxemburg (500,000 residents and a GDP per capita of $81,641).

In the Arab world, Kuwait ranks second (eighth in the world) with a GDP of $52,588, and UAE third (10th in the world) with $47,935 per capita.

Israel ranks fourth in the Middle East with a population of some eight millions people and a $29,359 GDP per capita. The Jewish state ranks 44th in the world in its residents’ GDP.

Oman ranks fifth in the Arab world and 52nd in the world (three million residents and a $25,047 GDP per capita), just before Bahrain which is 53rd in the world with a GDP per capita of $24,459.

Saudi Arabia – the first large Muslim country on the list – is sixth (54th in the world) with a GDP per capita of $23,803 for its 26 million residents.

Malaysia ranks seventh with 29 million residents and a GDP per capita of $14,425, followed by Lebanon (80th in the world) with a $14,330 GDP per capita.

The top 10 countries list concludes with Libya (a population of seven million people and a $13,727 GDP per capita) and Turkey (71 million people and a $12,300 GDP). They are followed by Iran in the 11th place with 78 million people and a GDP of 10,511 per capita.

In the Palestinian Authority territories, which have a population of four million people, the GDP totals $3,027 – about one-tenth of Israel’s GDP.


At the bottom of the Muslim countries list one can find Tanzania (GDP of $1,367 per capita), Niger ($671) and Somalia ($594 per capita for 10 million residents).

South Sudan ranks 223rd in the world, with an estimated $500 per capita for its eight million residents – 0.016% of the Israeli standard of living.