Izraeli Press Review of 25.11.11

Izraeli Press Review of 25.11.11

Friday, November 25, 2011    

Major Izraeli Headlines

MKs come to defense of Educational TV

The Jerusalem Post : By Greer Fay Cashman —At least two members of Knesset have come out against an alleged attempt by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to merge Israel Educational Television (IETV) with the Israel Broadcasting Authority…

Sinai forces on high alert over Jihad threat

Ynet : By Roee Nahmias, Reuters —Alert level in al-Arish raised to unprecedented level after reports suggest Jihad members planning attack on local security headquarters…

Peres Hints No Pardon for Katzav

Arutz Sheva : By Gavriel Queenann —President Shimon Peres said it was too early to address clemency for his predecessor, Moshe Katzav – but hinted he would „take a hard line”…