Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press

 „America’s decreasing diplomatic strength will be proven by the upcoming UN General Assembly vote. 

Yediot Aharonot opines that „America’s decreasing diplomatic strength will be proven by the upcoming UN General Assembly vote.  About 140 countries will denounce Israel’s policy, and it is doubtful if those in support could be counted on one hand.”
Ma’ariv claims that „It is not easy for Obama to be the responsible adult. It is not easy for him to be the one who stands alone facing the blabbering self-righteousness disgorged by the members of the UN Security Council.  But it was important to state that he cast a veto, not because of wrong wording or inappropriate timing, but rather because the UN must not be used as a tool with which to weaken Washington.”
Yisrael Hayom notes that „The bottom line is that there will be no good reason to be sorry for the end of the 40-year reign of [Moammar] Gadhafi.  He is a wild, strange and dangerous ruler.”
The Jerusalem Post criticizes the “spate of decidedly anti-democratic parliamentary initiatives” under the present government and notes, on the backdrop of the visit to Israel of British author Ian McEwan to accept the Jerusalem Prize for literature and the author’s criticism of what he views as Israel’s anti-democratic policies, that “For the time being, the vast majority of people in this region, including the Palestinians, still live in societies controlled by fear. Israel must do its utmost to remain a beacon of hope.”  
Haaretz feels that “Netanyahu should view U.S. veto at the UN as a warning,” and states that “Instead of fanning the flames in the region and further heightening Israel’s isolation [Netanyahu] should work to defuse tension, to listen to the international community and to present a practical program for ending the occupation and the conflict.” The editor calls on PM Netanyahu to “recognize the diplomatic damage that the settlements cause Israel,” and adds: “That would be Israel’s contribution to shaping the new reality in the region and preserving the status of the United States, which was injured by Friday’s veto in the Security Council.”


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