HA’ARETZ 1. First publication: Arafat’s secret medical reports from Paris hospital. DOCTORS: ARAFAT DIED EITHER FROM AIDS OR POISONING. Possibility #1: Poisoning – Senior Palestinians, including Rajoub and Dahlan believe that he was poisoned. Possibility #2: AIDS – Arafat’s doctor says that he was diagnosed with AIDS shortly before he died. Possibility #3: Infection – Report does not dispel fog and allows for possibility that he died of infection. Israel’s reaction: PM’s Bureau – Arafat was not poisoned. “Nonsense; matter has already been checked.” 2. IDF BRINGING FORWARD WITHDRAWL FROM GAZA STRIP TO BEGINNING OF NEXT WEEK. 3. Deterioration in PA. PA INCREASES SECURITY AROUND SENIOR FATAH OFFICIALS FOLLOWING ASSASSINATION OF MUSA ARAFAT. 4. ZAKA BANKRUPT DUE TO DROP IN CONTRIBUTIONS. 5. DESPITE VICTORY, CHANCES OF REACHING WORLD CUP HAVE SHRUNK. France and Switzerland improve their chances to reach World Cup at Israel’s expense. HATZOFEH 1. Army to bring forward departure from Gaza due to fear of terrorism escalation. MOFAZ: FLEE GAZA STRIP WITHIN THREE DAYS ONLY. IDF preparing to leave within 24 hours next week. Rafiah crossing to be closed for six months for security upgrade. Halutz: After we leave – we will respond harshly to shooting. 2. FULL COMPENSATION APPROVED FOR EVACUEES WHO LEFT LATE. 3. GOVERNMENT: PA REFUSES TO PRESRVE SYNAGOGUES. Today: Final prayers to be held in Neveh Dekalim synagogue. 4. OC MANPOWER: FIRE TWO HESDER YESHIVA DIRECTORS. 5. 51,000 HOMES WOULD CRUMBLE IN STRONG EARTHQUAKE. Light earthquake felt in Jordan Valley. 6. ISRAEL BEATS FAROE ISLANDS 2-0. MA’ARIV 1. Fear of anarchy in PA. Abu Mazen cancels trip to New York. IDF ready for hastened withdrawal from Gaza Strip. WITHDRAWAL BROUGHT FORWARD. World concerned over loss of control by PA after armed men eliminated Musa Arafat – Abu Mazen’s adviser and former Chairman’s nephew. Sunday: Government to approve withdrawal of IDF forces from Gaza on 24 hours’ notice. 2. PHENOMENON: WOMEN DO NOT WANT TO MARRY EVACUATORS. Many families treating religious soldiers who participated in disengagement as invalid for marriage. 3. STILL A CHANCE TO REACH WORLD CUP. 4. ISRAEL SENDING REMEDIA [INFANT FORMULA] TO SURVIVORS. Eighty tons of medical equipment and essential supplies left BGI airport yesterday for New Orleans. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Senior Defense Ministry official makes unprecedented remarks: “IDF WORKING TO AID SHARON.” Senior official: We are doing everything to prevent attacks. If civilians are hit before Likud conference, it will hurt Sharon’s chances. 2. Last night: Yediot Ahronot and Mina Tzemah/Dahaf poll. TURNAROUND IN LIKUD CENTRAL COMMITTEE. 49% of Central Committee members oppose early primaries. 46% in favor. 3. AFTER MURDER OF MUSA ARAFAT: FEAR OF ANARCHY IN GAZA. IDF to leave Gaza Strip within days. 4. WE GOT PAST THE FAROES. Israel national team did its part and defeated Faroe Islands 2-0 last night. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot suggests that the differences between the three leading candidates for Likud Party Chairman are mainly tactical and believes that whoever wins will be obliged to follow a fairly similar line regarding territorial concessions to the Palestinians. Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, calls on both Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and MK Benjamin Netanyahu to scrupulously honor the relevant campaign finance laws. Hatzofeh asserts that, “Abu Mazen fears to confront the armed militants lest they do to him what they did to Musa Arafat,” and believes that Western pressure will prevent Israel from taking any effective counter-terrorist after the IDF withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. BPI-info