HA’ARETZ 1. SHARON TO TELL BUSH AT THEIR MEETING TODAY IN TEXAS: ABU MAZEN IS COLLAPSING AND IS NOT KEEPING HIS PROMISES. Eighty mortar shells fired at Gush Katif in last three days; Mofaz demanding that Abu Mazen prevent further fire. 2. EGYPT ARRESTS PALESTINIAN WHO SMUGGLED ANTI-AIRCRAFT MISSILES INTO GAZA. 3. POLICE HIRE PUBLIC RELATIONS PERSON – TO IMPROVE IMAGE DURING DISENGAGEMENT. HATZOFEH 1. Yesterday: Senior military official’s assessment in conversation with journalists: “HARSH AND EXTREME STRUGGLE EXPECTED IN SAMARIA.” Added that IDF soldiers will also evacuate settlers from Gaza Strip. He assumed that escalation may be expected after uprooting. Officer clarified that Kalkiliya will be transferred after wanted fugitives are transferred from Jericho and Tulkarm. 2. MOFAZ TO ABU MAZEN: “STOP ESCALATION IMMEDIATELY.” DM’s call comes in wake of firing of dozens of mortar shells at Gush Katif in the last few days. 3. PRIME MINISTER TO MEET US PRESIDENT TODAY. MA’ARIV 1. Today: Sharon–Bush meeting at Texas farm. SHARON THREATENS: WE WILL RESUME MILITARY ACTIVITY. Anger in Israel following mortar onslaught on Gush Katif. Mofaz to Abu Mazen: This cannot continue. Ahead of disengagement, senior officer proposes: Collect weapons from settlers in northern Samaria. 2. BIBI’S VISION: WE WILL PASS EUROPE. 3. INITIATIVE: KATSAV WILL BE SHARON’S SUCCESSOR. Initiators: Likud members. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. 100 mortar shells in one day: IDF identified those responsible and showed restraint. Today: Sharon–Bush meeting. Mofaz to Abu Mazen: Act before it is too late. IDF: WE WILL COLLECT WEAPONS FROM THOSE BEING EVACUATED. Those in Gush Katif will be able to carry weapons until day of evacuation, in northern Samaria weapons will be collected two weeks before withdrawal. 100 days till disengagement. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Hatzofeh criticizes the fact that the police were unable to prevent Hamas Judea and Samaria leader Hassan Yusuf from entering the Temple Mount yesterday. The editors also condemn the Government’s inin the face of the recent Palestinian mortar barrage against Gush Katif and assert that, “The Government has ministers who do not care about Jewish blood, only their chairs, and the MKs from Agudat Yisrael and Degel Hatorah will be exonerated for their contemptible silence vis-ŕ-vis the danger to thousands of Jewish lives in Gush Katif.” The paper warns that, “Those who are charged with defending citizens’ lives and do not do so – should not be surprised and should not complain if citizens take the law into their own hands.” Yediot Ahronot says that Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s economic plan, “has succeeded; the data indicate this. It has had – and will have – a social price; the data indicate this too.” The editors ask, “What has contributed to its success?” and respond that, in addition to the Government’s budgetary policies and economic reforms, “The security quiet has brought buyers back to the shops; Sharon’s disengagement initiative has brought back investors. The global recovery, especially in the high-tech sectors, has jumpstarted demand for Israeli exports.” The paper believes that in order for the economy to continue to prosper there must be both a comprehensive peace settlement and, “a resumption of internal dialogue in Israel.” BPI-info