HEADLINES FROM THE HEBREW PRESS HA’ARETZ 1. ASSESSMENT: ISLAMIC ORGANIZATION KIDNAPPED JOURNALIST IN GAZA; CONTACTS ON HIS RELEASE. Riad Ali, Israeli Druze who works for CNN, kidnapped by armed men in Gaza. 2. SETTLER STOPPED PALESTINIAN DRIVER AND SHOT HIM TO DEATH; TO BE ACCUSED OF MANSLAUGHTER. 3. OFFICERS IN “SHELDAG” UNIT: DEMOLISHING GAZA HOMES IS IMMORAL. 4. LIKUD CENTRAL COMMITTEE MEMBER: I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR NAVEH’S APPOINTMENT, GIVE ME A SENIOR POSITION. Likud activist requested senior position in medical company under Health Ministry supervision; Naveh denies. 5. FIVE BORDER POLICEMEN ADMIT ABUSING PALESTINIANS. Five are to be accused in court this morning of beating two youths at checkpoint near Jerusalem, urinating on them and throwing them from upper storey window. 6. TRAFFICKERS IN WOMEN TURNING ESCORT WOMEN INTO “IMMIGRANTS” – AND RECEIVING ABSORPTION BASKETS. HATZOFEH 1. In Gaza: Armed men kidnap Israeli Druze journalist Riad Ali Ghanem, CNN producer. KIDNAPPING IN GAZA. Searches in Gaza Strip for Ghanem, 41, Druze, who worked for Channel 1 up until one year ago. Hamas: “Release the correspondent; journalists aid Palestinians.” CNN correspondent Ben Wedeman witnessed incident in Gaza: “Armed men pointed their guns at us and kidnapped Riad.” His family turned to MKs in effort to obtain information. This method resembles those of terrorists in Iraq. 2. IDF ARRESTS 15-YEAR-OLD SUICIDE TERRORIST IN NABLUS. On day full of events, seven terrorists were eliminated, attempted elimination in Gaza failed and two Kassam rockets were launched at Sderot. 3. Four years of intifada: 1,017 KILLED, 5,598 ISRAELIS WOUNDED. Thus arises from ISA data issued yesterday. 4. SHARON: SEPARATION FENCE IN SOUTH TO RUN ALONG GREEN LINE. MA’ARIV 1. Night drama in attempt to locate kidnapped correspondent in Gaza. ISRAELI JOURNALIST HOSTAGE IN GAZA. “Who among you is Riad?” masked men asked CNN personnel. They pulled Riad Ali – Druze journalist who used to work for Channel 1 – from car and disappeared. 2. BORDER POLICEMEN ACCUSED OF “ABUSE ROULETTE.” Five indictments issued in affair revealed in Ma’ariv. 3. “SEX NEAR TOMB OF BARUCH GOLDSTEIN.” Investigation: Who is making love in tomb area near Kiryat Arba? YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. KIDNAPPED. Yesterday in Gaza: “Get out of the car,” armed Palestinians ordered Israeli Druze journalist Riad Ali, employed by CNN. Israel informs Palestinian Authority: You are responsible for his fate. No terrorist organization takes responsibility. One assessment: Background – dispute between production companies. 2. “THEY URINATED IN MY MOUTH. I WANTED TO DIE.” Palestinian youth from Bethlehem recounts shocking abuse by Border Policemen. Settler who killed Palestinian near Itamar, arrested. ______________________________

SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, refers to a case involving abuse of several Palestinians by a group of Border Policemen and an incident yesterday in which a Jewish resident of Samaria reportedly shot and killed a Palestinian. The editors call for both incidents to be thoroughly investigated and for the offenders to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, if this is warranted. The paper suggests that, “It would be very un-Jewish, coming after Yom Kippur, to dismiss these two grave incidents,” and adds, “True, the suicide terrorists have caused many of us to become harsher towards, and even aloof to, the Palestinians’ troubles, but what exactly distinguishes Israelis from their neighbors? Do we want to be like them?” Hatzofeh asserts that, “The elimination in Syria again proves that Israeli security elements have the ability to reach Hamas personnel in ‘the safe haven’ that they set for themselves far from ‘the occupied territories’,” and believes that, “The strike against the Hamas man in Damascus also signals to the Syrian government that Israel will not tolerate for long the activity of Palestinian terrorist organizations on its soil. If the Syrians don’t see to their removal, the day will come when the long arm of the Israeli security services will be compelled to do so.” Yediot Ahronot discusses why Israeli politicians and others are so given to leaking presumably confidential material to the media. BPI-info