06 May 2004 HEADLINES FROM THE HEBREW PRESS HA’ARETZ 1. POLICE SURPRISE: KARADI COMMISSIONER; HANEGBI: NEW AGENDA. 2. STATE COMPTROLLER: MILLIONS WENT TO ILLEGAL CONSTRUCTION IN TERRITORIES. (…). 3. BNEI SAKHNIN IN FINAL. First Arab team to reach State Cup soccer final, defeated SC Ashdod yesterday. (…). HATZOFEH 1. Astonishment in police after surprising appointment of Commander Moshe Karadi, Southern District commander. COMMANDERS IN SHOCK. (…). 2. SHARON’S BATTLE. PM meets United Torah Judaism MKs. Likud leaders ignoring David Hatuel. 3. BATTLE AGAINST ANTI-SEMITISM. Thus declared “Conference of European Rabbis” held in France in cooperation with EU. MA’ARIV 1. SURPRISE COMMISSIONER. [Public Security] Minister Hanegbi astounded police leadership yesterday when he announced: [Southern District police chief] Commander Moshe Karadi to be appointed top cop. Karadi, 44, will be youngest Commissioner in country’s history. 2. STATE COMPTROLLER UNCOVERS SERIES OF MISDEEDS. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Police earthquake. THE COMMISSIONER. Public Security Minister surprised by skipping over veteran commanders and appointing representative of younger generation, Moshe Karadi (44). Hanegbi: Veteran commanders are ill-suited, they are sated. Police needs shaking up. 2. State Comptroller’s report: OUTPOSTS MONEY SCANDAL. Comptroller: Housing ministry transferred NIS 30 million to illegal outposts, while army was destroying them. 3. SAKHNIN CELEBRATES. State Cup drama: For first time, Arab team reaches final. (…).

______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot says that Prime Minister Sharon is justified in his anger towards those ministers who supported to the disengagement plan but refused to join in the campaign to promote it. However, the editors assert that, “It wasn’t the ‘silent ministers’ who were responsible for Sharon’s failure in the referendum,” and instead blame Minister Ehud Olmert, who led the campaign in favor of disengagement. The paper points out that previous Prime Ministers have taken responsibility for their failures, and criticizes Prime Minister Sharon’s considerations of punishing Finance Minister Netanyahu, saying that the Israeli economy will suffer is the latter is removed from office. The editors praise Minister Netanyahu for, “taking risks by adopting unpopular policies, which hurt in the short term but heal in the long term. He initiates, pushes, he is a revolutionary. As a Finance Minister…Netanyahu deserves appreciation and praise.” Hatzofeh discusses the distribution of budgets to local authorities. BPI