Israel Air Force targets Hizbullah outposts 20.01.4. The Israeli Air Force targeted two Hizbullah posts used to target Northern Israel. The Hizbullah terrorist organization uses these posts as a launching pad for its terrorist training and a weapon’s cache. The targeting of the Hizbullah posts follows the Hizbullah attack yesterday on an IDF force engaged in neutralizing several explosive arenas which were planted by the Hizbullah in Israeli territory. As a result of the attack, IDF soldier, Sgt. 1st Class Jan Ruchansky was killed and another soldier was seriously wounded.

Hizbullah, encouraged and assisted by Syria and Iran, while Lebanon turns a blind eye, continues to inflame Israel’s northern border, blatantly ignoring the IDF redeployment along the internationally recognized border while jeopardizing the lives of civilians on both sides of the border. Israel considers Syria directly responsible for any terror activity emanating from Lebanon, and will not tolerate the current situation whereby the terror organizations attempt to escalate the situation in the North. The IDF will continue to act forcefully and with determination against any attempt to target Israelis and to destabilize the region.