Special Conference for Educators on

The conference will take place at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem and will be part of the activities marking the 50th anniversary of the founding of the institution. The conference content has been specially geared towards educators and teachers who are active in Jewish and secular education across the world, to discuss pertinent points and dilemmas of teaching the Holocaust in formal and informal education around the world. The conference will provide a forum for discussions on questions and methods of teaching the subject of the Holocaust as well as updates in interdisciplinary approaches and new techniques in Holocaust studies.

The participants will discuss „hot” subjects such as „The Holocaust in the Jewish Education – Challenges for the 21st Century”, dilemmas in ingraining the Holocaust in education, meanings of morality and ethics in interdisciplinary Holocaust studies, new pedagogic approaches to the class activity, ” The Holocaust, Israel and the Jewish People”, „anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial – what tools should we equip the students with?”, and more. Besides the planned lectures, the participants will attend workshops run by themselves. Registration for the Special Conference for Educators on Teaching the Holocaust to Future Generations is done on the website: www.TeachingHolocaust.com and is open to participants from Israel and around the world. The conference will take place in Jerusalem August 8-11, 2004 BPI.