2003,11,10 HA’ARETZ 1. CABINET APPROVES CAPTIVES DEAL BY SINGLE VOTE, 12-11; ISRAEL MAKES IT CLEAR: WE WILL NOT RELEASE MURDERER OF HARAN FAMILY. Satisfamong soldiers’ families and Tannenbaums: “We succeeded.” Tami Arad: “Ron’s funeral has begun.” His daughter: “This is the end of the struggle.” Arad family appeals to Attorney General with demand to begin criminal investigation against Dirani. Eliezer Zandberg had last-minute regrets and cast deciding vote in favor of deal. Tzipi Livni cast surprising vote against, against earlier expectations. Mofaz supported deal. Sharon: “I don’t recall firing you.” Winograd Committee member Dr. Meir Gilboa: Proof than Arad is alive. Most ministers haven’t read Winograd report even though it was submitted to them.

2. Families – Ministers’ pressure campaign continued until last minute. ABDUCTEES’ RELATIVES TO ARAD FAMILY: OUR HEARTS ARE WITH YOU. 3. BABIES WHO WERE FED SOY-BASED REMEDIA TO RECEIVE VITAMIN INJECTIONS. Vitamin B1 removed from product in contravention of manufacturer’s declaration; Health Ministry turns to police. 4. PRODUCT CHANGE TO BE EXAMINED IN GERMANY. 5. SEPARATION FENCE EAST OF JERUSALEM: FROM A-RAM TO WADI QELT. 6. CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION WILL NOT BE OPENED AGAINST SHARON IN KFAR MALAL AFFAIR. HATZOFEH 1. Twelve ministers voted against, 11 voted in favor. CABINET APPROVES CAPTIVES DEAL BY SINGLE VOTE. ISA, Mossad Directors and OC Intelligence attended Cabinet discussion. Hizballah demands release of Samir Kuntar, who murdered Haran family and policeman in Nahariya. Exchange of captives expected to take place this Thursday. 2. HEALTH MINISTRY: “SOY-BASED REMEDIA LACKED VITAMIN B1 DESPITE LABEL.” 3. TERRORISTS FIRE ROCKET AT IDF POSITION – NO CASUALTIES. 4. ISRAELI AND FOREIGN ANARCHISTS SABOTAGE SECURITY FENCE. 5. [ATTORNEY GENERAL] RUBINSTEIN: NO CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION OF SHARON OVER KFAR MALAL AFFAIR. MA’ARIV 1. Sharon and Mofaz agree: More aggressive actions against Hizballah. “WE WILL OBTAIN NEW BARGAINING CARDS FOR RON.” On agenda: Abductions, obtaining intelligence information and pressure on Iran. Ministers decide by bare majority: Green light to captives deal. But abductees’ families did not have even one moment’s grace: Issue of terrorist Kuntar still threatening deal. Nasrallah: Release him. Israel: No chance. 2. ALL BABIES WHO WERE FED SOY-BASED REMEDIA TO RECEIVE TREATMENT. Health Ministry calls on parents: Even babies who haven’t got sick must be taken to doctor. Fault: Dangerous food lacked Vitamin B1 – despite labeling to the contrary. 3. FORECAST: DELUGE AND FLOODS. Forecasters: Storms to increase today. 4. GOING TO VOTE AGAIN. Tomorrow: Second round in [local] authorities. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Remedia scandal. Criminal investigation expected. ERROR AND FRAUD. (…). Victims: 20 babies identified as “Remedia victims”; Health Ministry, Remedia and German manufacturer trading accusations. (…). 2. Captives deal: Agreement passes by one vote. “ISRAEL WILL CONSIDER CARRYING OUT ABDUCTIONS.” Thus being said in security establishment in response to Hizballah threats to kidnap more Israelis. Background: Concern that deal will blow up due to Nasrallah’s demand that murderer of Haran family also be released. Yuval Arad, on deal: This is the end of our struggle. 3. MUHAMMAD FROM REFUGEE CAMP BECOMES IDF FIGHTER. Palestinian father and Jewish mother – and Muhammad, with divided heart, decided to choose Israeli side. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Both papers discuss the government’s approval yesterday of the prisoner swap with Hizballah: Yediot Ahronot says that whether or not the government’s decision was correct, the public must immediately, “ask forgiveness from the prisoners’ families” for forcing them to come out and publicly fight each other. The paper calls on the government not to yield on the issue of releasing terrorists, “with blood on their hands,” and not to stray from the precedent that the Israeli government will do all it can to procure the release of any Israeli citizen, while not going above the maximum price for doing so. The editors suggest that Ron Arad’s family is correct in its concern that he will be forgotten and argue that it is our test to ensure that we do not cease searching for him and trying to bring him home. Hatzofeh believes that “The Prime Minister must have been through many difficult hours, especially with pressure from Ron Arad’s family and friends.” The paper presumes that the Prime Minister took this decision on the basis that, “It was impossible under the current circumstances to gain anything that will lead to Ron Arad’s return or to obtain real information as to his whereabouts.” The editors argue that terrorists, “with blood on their hands,” should not be released since this would be, a, “dangerous incentive for the terrorist organizations,” which could kidnap more Israelis both at home and abroad. The paper urges the government to strike hard at Hizballah in order to reduce its standing in the Arab world, which will inevitably increase once the deal is concluded. BPI.