25.9.03 HA’ARETZ 1. NINE PILOTS THAT ANNOUNCED THEY WOULD REFUSE TO CARRY OUT ATTACKS IN TERRITORIES – TO BE DISMISSED. 27 pilots, nine of whom are in active service, informed Air Force commander: We will not continue to injure civilians; Chief-Of-Staff: This is illegitimate. 2. COLOMBIA: HOSTAGE ESCAPES British tourist who was abducted with Israeli tourists and escaped will report on their condition. 3. Terror: New details in Zeliger inquiry SUSPICION: LEADERS OF JEWISH TERROR – RIGHT WING ACTIVIST AND INSTRUCTOR OF HILLTOP YOUTH.

HATZOFEH 1. Storm in air force following letter of refusal to serve by 27 pilots. PILOTS REVOLT. Former IAF pilots wrote letter to Air Force commander: “We will not carry out air attacks in territories.” At head of signatories is Brig.-Gen. (res) Yiftah Spector, veteran base commander, former had of IAF operations and commander of current OC Air Force, Dan Halutz, when latter was in pilots course, and Col. Dr. Yigal Shochat, who served in air force as pilot and doctor. The reason: Worldview according to which there is no justification for Israel to be present in the territories. Chief-Of-Staff: “If necessary – we will take steps.” Minister Effi Eitam calls for their dismissal: “Their decision knowingly serves worst of our enemies.” 2. RON ARAD’S FAMILY SUING MUSTAFA DIRANI FOR NIS 100 MILLION. Arad’s brother: Claim is meant to prevent Dirani from being included in prisoner swap, family will do everything they can to keep him in Israel as final bargaining chip. 3. SHEIKH YASSIN: HAMAS IS OPPOSED TO NEW CEASEFIRE. 4. BELGIUM: CASE AGAINST SHARON THROWN OUT. 5. ONE OF COLOMBIAN HOSTAGES ESCAPES. 6. IAF PLANE INTERCEPTS SAUDI PLANE THAT CAME TOO CLOSE TO EILAT. 7. SANCTIONS IN GOVERNMENT OFFICES STARTING AFTER THE HOLIDAY. MA’ARIV 1. IAF Commander to Ma’ariv: We will punish them. “SHAME TO THEIR WINGS.” Marcus and Ben-Dov had already refused to serve in Lebanon. Lester also refused to fly then. Tamir and Shochat are known left wing activists. Yesterday, in orchestrated media campaign, with 22 of their friends, only two of whom participate in active duty, they declared new refusal: Pilots revolt against IAF eliminations in territories. IAF Commander heard about letter on television. IDF attempted to hide extent of affront, but were unable to do so. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Exclusive: Refuseniks in interview with Yediot Ahronot: “We don’t care if we sit in prison and lose our friends, we want to save the country.” PILOTS’ REVOLT. Storm following decision of 27 reserve pilots not to attack densely populated areas in territories. Sharon: Army is not on-request program. IAF Commander: We are the most ethical army. IDF considers: Dismissal and imprisonment. ______________________________ EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Hatzofeh refers to reports that Thai security forces recently foiled an Al Qaeda plot to shoot down an El Al airliner in Thailand. The editors call upon the western democracies to wage an all-out war on extremist Islamic terror and declare that, “Whoever looks to shoot down a civilian airliner on takeoff has removed himself from the human race and must be dealt with accordingly.” Yediot Ahronot commends, “The great openness of the [IDF] senior command, which is looking seriously at altering recruitment patterns without altering the principle of a people’s army.” Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, comments on the state of the Israeli film industry.