HA’ARETZ 24.08.2003 1. FOLLOWING US PRESSURE: PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY TAKES FIRST STEPS AGAINST GAZA ORGANIZATIONS. PALESTINIANS UNCOVER TUNNELS IN RAFIAH; PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY CALLS TO RENEW HUDNA WITH ISRAEL’S COOPERATION. Palestinians: Action – part of operation to gather weapons. Israel to Palestinian Authority: Arrest Hamas leaders or we will attack them. Arafat planning to appoint loyalist as Interior Minister. Palestinian Authority sources: Appointment – taking away Dahlan’s authority. El-Baz asks Shalom to grant Palestinian Authority a “time-out.” Bush orders freeze on Hamas leaders’ assets in US.

2. US ADMINISTRATION TO DAHLAN: ELIMINATIONS NOT EXCUSE FOR NOT ACTING AGAINST TERROR. 3. ATTEMPTS AT RECONCILIATION BETWEEN ABU MAZEN AND HAMAS. 4. TREASURY INITIATING NEW TAXES – ON INHERITANCE, GIFTS AND ADVANCE TRAINING FUNDS. 5. NINE ISRAELIS ARRESTED ON SUSPICION OF ATTACKS AGAINST PALESTINIANS. HATZOFEH 1. Following attacks: Bush orders freeze on Hamas leaders’ assets. JERUSALEM REJECTS PALESTINIAN PROPOSAL TO RENEW HUDNA. Assets of Sheik Ahmed Yassin, Imad Khalil al-Alami, Osama Hamdan, Khaled Mashal, Musa Abu Marzook and Abdel Aziz Rantisi to be frozen. Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom to Egyptian emissary el-Baz: We no longer believe Palestinians promises – we want to see actions. Palestinians claim: We have begun to take against terror in Gaza – including gathering weapons. 2. OPERATION “FINE TUNING:” TERRORIST WHO SENT SUICIDE BOMBER TO ROSH HA’AYIN SERIOUSLY INJURED AT HIS COMMAND POST – NEXT TO MATERNITY WARD IN NABLUS HOSPITAL. Senior Tanzim terrorist killed and additional senior terrorist injured in incident. IDF also hoping to capture Muhammad Hanbali, Hamas leader in Nablus. 3. FOR FIRST TIME: NORTHERN NEGEV COMMUNITIES ATTACKED WITH KASSAM ROCKETS. Following Kassam attack: IDF re-trisects Gaza strip. Military sources: Kassam fire carried out close to Palestinian outposts. IDF continuing to concentrate forces in Beit Hanoun area of northern Gaza. MA’ARIV 1. Arafat: Give me a chance, only I can stop Hamas. DAHLAN: ARAFAT IS A LYING DOG. According to Americans and Israelis, Dahlan said: “Arafat is destroying everything and isn’t giving us anything.” Israel: High alert due to fear of terror attacks. Al-Aqsa brigade publishes wanted list of 30 top Israeli officials. 2. SOLDIER FROM JEWISH UNDERGROUND CAUGHT. 3. PLAN: TAXES ON INHERITANCE AND PROVIDENT FUNDS. Treasury also planning to tax advanced training funds. 4. SOON: LAW TO ESTABLISH COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE. Massage therapists and acupuncturists to be licensed by Health Ministry. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. IDF continues to hunt Hamas leaders. ISRAEL: WE WILL NOT DISCUSS CEASEFIRE. Egypt and Palestinians proposing agreement between Israel and Palestinian Authority. Senior diplomatic office: They must act against terror first. Bush: Palestinian state will never be set up through terror. 2. 21st VICTIM. Rachel Weiss (70), who was injured in Jerusalem terror attack, died from her wounds. 3. DOLLAR ALMOST AT NIS 4.5. 1.3% jump since terror attack. Concern: Economic recovery coming to a halt. 4. NEW JEWISH UNDERGROUND. Nine settlers arrested on suspicion of carrying out attacks against Palestinians. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot comments on last Friday’s Gaza funeral of Hamas terrorist Ismail Abu Shanab, who was eliminated by the IDF. The editors aver that, “Those who preach jihad are injecting intoxicating religious violence into Palestinian society’s veins, which gradually enervates the entire body,” and add that, “Abu Shanab preached fanatical religious terrorism and mass murder.” The paper wonders how it is that Abu Shanab and his cohorts, who incite and goad those who perpetrate suicide bombings, do not themselves seek to die as martyrs and suggests that their fear of IDF elimination attempts is prodding them into seeking to reestablish the hudna. The editors assert, “Israel will not enter into a phony ceasefire arrangement with them,” and add that, “They must be beaten, defeated and disarmed. While it would be preferable – for all the reasons in the world – if the independent Palestinian government led by Abu Mazen did this and not the Israeli occupation force, their defeat per se is not subject to negotiation.” Hatzofeh declares that, “The hudna policy failed in a deafening explosion and a wave of murderous acts that began last week and has continued this week,” and adds that, “The roadmap policy is crumbling altogether.” The editors excoriate Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s security and Palestinian policies and call for his resignation or his ouster by the Likud. Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, reminds its readers that the French daily Le Monde proclaimed last Friday that, “The crime of terror against Israel is a crime against humanity.”