US State Dept. Hypocrisy, Intifada updates, More destruction in Palmyra

US State Dept. Hypocrisy, Intifada updates, More destruction in Palmyra – Oct. 6, 2015 

October 6, 2015 / 23 Tishri 5776
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Matt Lee Points Out US State Department’s Hypocrisy
Or as John Kerry said, „It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation.”
US State Department Briefing 10/5

Internal Security Minister Wants Police to Charge Arabs who Ridiculed Stabbed Jewish Woman
“I heard curses, they spat in my face, one slapped me. The knife was still in me, in the neck, still inside my body. They slapped my face, laughed, shouted, no one tried to help.”
PM Netanyahu & Minister Gilad Erdan visit Adelle Benita (Benet) in the hospital.

4 Hurt as Post-Simchat Torah Bus Attacked in Pisgat Ze’ev
Arabs smashed the windows of a moving bus in Jerusalem’s Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood after Simchat Torah, wounding four passengers.
Damage to an Israeli public bus after rocks are hurled by Arabs. (archive)

Hundreds of Arabs Riot North of Jerusalem at Qalandia Checkpoint
Israeli security forces pushed back hundreds of Palestinian Arabs who rioted Tuesday morning at the Qalandia checkpoint north of Jerusalem.
Arab rioters run for cover from tear gas fired by Israeli security forces at Qalandia check point. (archive)

Border Guard Police Foil Terror Attack in Samaria
Alert Border Guard Police foiled a attack by a Palestinian Arab when they noticed him toss away a box-cutter before reaching the checkpoint.
Knives confiscated from a Palestinian Arab prevented from carrying out a terror attack by alert Border Guard Police at the Tapuach Junction.

Abbas Dials Back Arab Rage: ‘We Do Not Want Escalation’
Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas has suddenly begun to dial back his anti-Israel inflammatory attitude and remarks.
PA leader Mahmoud Abbas waves to crowd after his return from 70th session of UN General Assembly.

Security Cabinet Approves Counter-Terror Measures
Israel’s security cabinet approves new counter-terror measures to deal with uptick in Arab violence.
Young Arab men with masks inside the Al Aqsa mosque (some wearing shoes -- absolutely forbidden in Islam), stockpiling rocks to throw at Jews who visit the Temple Mount grounds, Sept. 2015

IDF to Install Security Cameras at Judea, Samaria Intersections
IDF will install security cameras at all junctions in Judea, Samaria: „we will restore security,” PM Netanyahu says.
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu (C) and Minister of Defense Moshe

Israel Demolishes Homes of 2 Terrorists, Seals 1 in Jerusalem
The homes of two terrorists were demolished and a third was sealed with concrete in Jerusalem early Tuesday under orders from DM Moshe Ya’alon.
Israel Police special forces unit seals off the home of a terrorist with concrete in a Jerusalem neighborhood. It's not as simple a process as it might seem. (archive)

NATO Warns Russia to Stay Out of Turkish Air Space
NATO has warned Russia to keep its aircraft, currently in Syria, out of Turkey’s air space.
American F-16 fighter jets

Palmyra ‘Arch of Triumph’ Latest Casualty of ISIS
A third archaeological treasure at Palmyra in Syria has been destroyed by ISIS: the Arch of Triumph.
The Arch of Triumph in the ruins of the ancient city of Palmyra is now another casualty of radical Islam as practiced by ISIS terrorists in Syria.

Investigators: Henkin Children Saved by Killers’ Friendly Fire
One terrorist accidentally shot the other, which saved the Henkin children and led authorities right to the terrorist’s hospital bed…
Israeli undercover security unit nabs injured Henkin killer from Shechem hospital bed.

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