Zsidó egyetemi hallgatók kampánya

Zsidó egyetemi hallgatók kampánya

EUJS Press Releases – Toda on Purim campaign
Campaign launched thanking all those protecting Jewish life

Brussels (BE) – 3rd of March 2015

In light of the upcoming Jewish holiday „Purim” (March 4th-5th), the European Union of Jewish Students and World Union of Jewish Students jointly call for Jews across the world to join the “Toda on Purim” campaign: Giving small gifts of food – so-called “Mishloach Manot”, customary on the holiday of Purim – to all those protecting synagogues, Jewish community centers and Jewish institutions.

“The past couple of months have been a real challenge for Jewish life in Europe. In more and more countries, simple expressions of Jewish life, such as shopping for kosher food, bringing your child to Jewish school or celebrating a Bat Mitzva, have become targets of terrorism. With the “Toda on Purim” campaign, we would like to show our appreciation, friendship and gratitude to all those who are committed to protecting the Jewish community: The security guards, police, organizations and political leaders who recognize the danger Jews are facing, and take active measures to ensure our safety.” said Jane Braden-Golay, president of the European Union of Jewish Students.

The campaign calls on people to download and print an especially designed “Toda on Purim” card, to add their own personalized message of gratitude, to present a person committed to the safety of Jewish communities with the card and the food gift, and to share the action through social media using the Hashtag #TodaOnPurim. A dedicated website has been created: www.todaonpurim.com.

„In developed countries we tend to take our personal safety for granted, but unfortunately recent events have shown that anyone can be a target of a terror attack in Europe today. On this Purim let’s express our gratitude to those who work tirelessly to protect the expression of Jewish life and continuity of Jewish tradition.” Andi Gergely, president of the World Union of Jewish Students, said.

“While there is a lot of work ahead in addressing anti-Semitism in the long-term, there are also many people working dedicated to ensuring that we can live peaceful, safe lives as Jews in Europe. Now is the time to acknowdledge and thank them.” Jane Braden-Golay added.